OSI Group McDonalds Silence Critics

It’s far too easy for anyone to criticize or attack others these days. The online bullying doesn’t stop at teenagers degrading each other. It spills over into adults attacking each other, and companies using anonymous accounts to undermine the competition. Basically, anyone can attack anyone else for any reason.

When it comes to easy attacks, large corporations are the most vulnerable. People instinctively mistrust big corporations, so starting a debilitating rumor only takes a few pictures and a little story. That’s how David Whipple attacked McDonald’s in 2013 and accused them of using preservatives in their hamburgers.

With no real evidence, people jumped down McDonald’s and, by association, OSI Group’s throat. The two companies have been partners since the first McDonald’s opened in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1955. Anytime one is attacked, they both feel the blow. While many experts have come to OSI Group McDonalds defense, public opinion is not something easily silenced.

The best way to silence the naysayers was to open their doors and allow people to see how their burgers are produced from start to finish. OSI Group McDonalds recently allowed Business Insider to tour one of their factories in Germany to show people how their burgers are really produced.

In factories that use chemicals or other preservatives, the smell of chemicals is most prevalent. When Business Insider entered the German factory, the first thing they smelled was fresh beef. The entire factory smelled of meat, including the reception area.

Throughout the tour, Business Insider noticed the attention to detail every employee approached their duties with. No one sick or ill is allowed in the factory, not even in office-related areas. Because OSI Group McDonalds doesn’t use preservatives, their meat is more susceptible to contamination, so extreme care must be taken around all meat products.

Most surprising was the excessive checking of the meat for loose objects and plastics. Not only is everyone required to wear protective clothing, but they must also remove all jewelry and use metal pens to write.

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