Stratford Shields is not a new name in the financial industry. The public finance banker works at Loop Capital Markets as the Managing Director. The company that operates from Chicago serves the clients from the Northeast and Midwest under the Public Finance Investment Banking umbrella. Before engaging himself in the financial matters, Stratford worked as the Deputy Director for Budget and Management of Ohio office. Besides, he was the State Controlling Board’s President.

His tenure leading the municipal finance industry for two decades didn’t disappoint. He served as Chairman, vice chairperson and at one time, the treasurer of SIMFA, Securities Industry Financial Markets. He played a significant role to change the municipal finance industry association’s Municipal Division during his leadership. One of the remarkable achievements is his contribution to the prohibition of financial aid in support of bond ballot electioneering processes. He led the security companies in creating a voluntary ban to end the appearance of pay-to-play for such elections.

Stratford Shields built a reputation in the municipal privatization and finance during his tenure as the lead investment banker. He made headlines by facilitating the 50-year concession of University of Ohio’s parking system worth $483 million. Additionally, the financial guru oversaw the transactions for state revolving funds, universities, toll roads, states, as well as water and sewer entities. Student loan agencies, hospital systems, airports, and cities also benefited from his services. The clients in need of his services in the mentioned areas benefited from his expertise in laying down to rated credits transactions and credit.

During his academic years, Stratford Shields decided to study history and Political Science from the University of Ohio and Columbia, respectively. His MA and MBA degrees in political Science gave him the impetus to work in the government office. Stratford Shields attributes his success to the desire of understanding the clients’ needs before taking their projects. Additionally, he believes that the best way to succeed in the industry is by waking up and pushing on in case of a failure.