Steve Lesnard has a great reputation for having one of the best marketing minds in the sports marketing sector. He has launched some iconic brands for some high-power equipment brands and for three different Olympic games. He also has a knack for building positive relationships with star athletes within all athletic sectors. He Steve Lesnard has a gift of creativity and strategic implementation when it comes to bringing his ideas to life. When he his bringing a new idea to life he focuses on proper preparation, the commitment to success, and hardwork. Mr. Lesnard then brings the idea to life. Mr. Lesnard is also big on setting goals and accomplishing these goals. So when he is doing a project he sets short term and long term goals specific for the project. He then accomplishes each goal one by one until the project is complete.

Steve Lesnard has noticed that with the rise of social media and this new digital dynamic will change the way how companies market their products. This new space has worked great for some brands and not so good for other brands. The cool thing about the new social media platforms is that you can demonstrate a product online and millions of people can see the product. Social media has allowed for companies to run ads for their product on television and on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Using all of these platforms allows the product to reach millions if not billions of people across the globe. Mr. Lesnard follows two key principles when it comes to marketing. The first principle that Mr. Lesnard follows is to make sure the product is memorable and then you have to bring the product to life and make it real.

Mr. Lesanrd can truly see how to market a product and his two key principles are very easy to attain with the advancement in social media. It is very easy to market the product and make it memorable. It is also very easy to bring the product to life with the use of all these social media platforms. These platforms can bring a corporation’s product to life and these same platforms can bring a regular person who has an invention or an ideal to life as well. The power of the internet and social media is amazing.