Smita Shah is the founder of SPAAN Tech Inc., and she serves as an inspiration to women across
America who wanted to become an engineer someday. She studied at MIT, taking up an
engineering degree. Some people raise their eyebrows whenever they hear her story – a woman of
color who was able to study engineering – but many are inspired with how she was able to turn
every moment into an opportunity to succeed. Today, aside from managing SPAAN Tech Inc., she
actively provides inspiring talks to women, advising them on how to become more empowered
inside the workplace. These are some of the tips proposed by Smita Shah on how employees can
feel empowered. Learn more:

1. Develop confidence and believe in what you can do. Smita Shah believes that if people will
become more confident and start believing in their capabilities, they can become a real asset for
the company. She also added that believing in one’s self can forge a whole new character for
individuals who were once shy and has a doubtful outlook in life.

2. Familiarize with your abilities. Everyone has a unique ability, and it would be helpful if people
will start to familiarize themselves with the things that they can do. This can increase their chances
of becoming a major player inside the workplace, contributing to a lot of things.

3. Develop a strong presence. First impressions last, and Smita Shah stated that one should
develop a strong presence to give them an advantage. Having a strong presence will eventually
develop confidence.

4. Take the credit for something you did. This is the reality inside the workplace – you worked hard
for a project, and someone else takes the credit. Do not let these things happen – take the credit if
you need to, and show the team how you worked hard to achieve this goal.
5. Focus on your goals. Smita Shah stated that what happened in the past s

hould stay in the past,
and people should not let it affect their performances in the present. She also advised that it is
important to focus on the goals because it will develop into an inspiration to succeed.

6. Do not comply with the stereotypes. When talking about stereotypes, Smita Shah stated that
women should not comply with the stereotypes associated with the gender inside the office. She
said that women are not limited to do secretarial staff, but they can also become the leaders in
their own right.

7. Grow outside your comfort zone. Women from different cultures are always given a subservient
role, but according to SPAAN Tech Inc. founder, now is the perfect time to break this belief.

8. Demand respect from people who are trying to humiliate you. This can happen even to those
who hold higher positions – people will sometimes disrespect them only because they are women.

9. Keeps your private and professional lives separate. What happens inside the workplace should
stay there.

10. Practice effective time management.

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