As time continues to move forward, we, the people of America, is going through a lot of shifts when it comes to how we deal with one another, specifically in the gender roles. In the past ancient years, it was as if young girls and women only had certain roles and couldn’t do anything more than what was expected of them. However, now in today’s era, it seems that more young women are going to school and getting degrees in fields we would expect men to get. Learn more:

As a young girl in school, Smita Shah was considered to be a nerd and had a passion in the field of math and science. In spite of all the hurdles and controversial placement of what girls should be when they become adults, she broke that way of thinking into something better than we can imagine.


Shah remembers moments where she was the only young girl in science and math clubs. Also including the fact that she was the only brown skin child in her classrooms as well. But no matter the hidden discrimination that was there, she continued in the studies of science and engineering anyway.


Smita Shah has started her career about 20 years ago right after the birth of the computer and the internet. In 1998, Ms. Shah founded SPAAN Tech, Inc., an engineering company that provides alternative solutions for the most challenging technical projects. Her all-time goal is to create a community where she can help build and improve by making lives easier. Through building bridges, solar panels, building more roads for less traffic and homes for families she has accomplished just that.


How ironic it is but as a young girl, being naive helped Shah to not care and to keep going where she needed to go to accomplish her goals. Smita Shah believes in the importance of womanhood. The need for all women to encourage one another in spite of all of the hurdles that women face. Shah says to embrace challenges and keep going, eventually our goals are bound to happen.


Shah proves that no matter what your gender, it is all about the passion and how important it is to emphasize what drives you. Follow Smita Shah on Twitter