Sharon Prince is a visionary. A number of people see her as a catalyst for change when it comes to many of the evils in the world. She is trying to find a safe space for many children, and this starts with Grace farms. This has become her nonprofit organization that has become an award-winning part of the vision that she had to end child exploitation.

There are children that have been exploited and enslaved. Prince has a desire to reunite these children back with their families. That is a big part of her mission. Sharon Prince worked to build up Grace Farms as a community that is going to help a lot of people build their faith. She wanted to create the type of environment that removed people from all of the harsh conditions that they may be endured.

Sharon Prince has created an 80 acres property that is opened to the general public. This property is opened 6 days a week, and it is true representation of what Sharon Prince wants to do for those that need guidance.

Prince has won awards for her efforts, and she has continued to work to expand the campus as even more unique architecture is built on the Grace Farms campus. Sharon has continued to push forward with new projects as she works with vigor on things like art and nature into the Grace Farms community. Her desire is to integrate faith into the mix with justice and community outreach. Those are things that she is passionate about, and that is what she continues to embody with her message.

Prince has been working in nonprofit for a long time, and she has many more ideas to bring to the table. She is growing her community in her efforts to serve others in need.

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