Securus Technologies is firmly focused on acquisitions and has had a strong of successful business purchased for the past handful of years. The latest additions to the Dallas-based corporation were Jpay. Inc and service GovNetPay. Both companies operate in payment transfers, but GovNetPy is strictly in the correction industry.



The new leader of Securus Technologies is Robert Pickens who assumed the responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer. CEO Robert Pickens talked about the synchrony that could easily be established between the two acquired businesses as they have the potential to complete each other and become an excellent and powerful team.



According to CEO Pickens, The Securus Technologies will start processing 10 million transfers with ease due to the outstanding capabilities of GovNetPay as one of the most reliable payment processors in its field. CEO Robert Pickens added that the Securus Technologies would move further in front of its competitors if the company continues to make such beneficial and perfectly executed acquisitions.



Securus Technologies serves several types of clients such as correctional facilities, individuals with large homes in need of security, and business owners whose company grounds also need security and surveillance. Other clients are citizens whose friends or family members are incarcerated and are looking for a way to stay connected. Additionally, Securus Technologies provides a vast number of products, application, tech solutions, and software, among else.



The company has a favorable reputation among its clients. Working for a few thousand correctional facilities, Securus Technologies has been juggling many aspects of its business at once. That, however, has not slowed down the company in the least as Securus Technologies continues to advance forwards and to release new and innovative products on the market. The company is good at observing what is needed and providing it fast.