Securus Technologies remains one of the top inmate calling networks in the industry. They pride themselves on putting the needs of their customers first. Their one-one-one personalized attention to customer satisfaction has grew their fan-base to a nationwide following of over 246,000+ customers. They are spearheaded by CEO and executive professional, Rick A. Smith. His main initiative is consistency is customer support and improving their network by adding services based on customer feedback. Patrons participate in an interactive feedback forum to refer account services and crime prevention initiatives. Learn more about their descriptive features tabs listed directly on their website.

Rick Smith Securus was the key executive behind their crime prevention program. His goal was to prevent crime beyond incarceration. He told PRN news most telecommunication crimes start over the phone and their highly trained IT professionals are experienced in communication security. They know how to spot crime and ensure the safety of the public with surveillance and monitoring. Securus got their start as an inmate regulator call provider. Thousands of customers are making the switch to a secure network for their inmate calling needs versus using other big name network calling competitors. You’re invited to a network with far less dropped calls, less fees, and integrated technology features. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Securus Technologies Features

Remote Visits

Have you made the commute to a correctional facility and went through the strict security measures to visit your love ones? The remote visitation feature is a low cost communication feature available over the internet. If you’re included on an inmates visiting list you can talk to the ones you love over the internet. Pay a small processing fee, have a compatible device, and remote visit online. Read more on

Online Inmate Photos

Help an inmate follow the progress of their child their first day of school with a photo. Family members are allowed to send up to 5 facility approved photos. This is one of their most popular features because it’s a low cost way to communicate with inmates. You can also use their inmate email feature and prepaid services with your Securus account.