Prevagen is a well known and trusted dietary supplement company. This dietary supplement has been shown to improve the memory of those who have declining cognitive function due to age.

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They have conducted several clinical trials to show that Prevagen can improve memory.

While Prevagen has done several clinical trials with its supplement to test its effectiveness they also have a team of researchers that are constantly looking for ways to support brain and body function. These teams of researchers have found several ways to help improve brain function.

Daily Exercise

To help support both brain and body wellness researchers recommend that you get exercise each and every day. Whether it be a brisk walk, a run, or yoga class there are endless opportunities for you to exercise throughout the day.

Daily exercise can help improve your heart health and increase blood flow to your brain.

The relationship between brain and overall body health has been found through several studies. Participating in daily exercise not only helps keep you physically fit but can also improve your cognitive abilities.

Social Interaction With Exercise

Interaction is a crucial part of your day and interacting with a diverse group of people can help improve your cognitive ability and keep you happier.

Exercise and social interaction both improve mood so doing them together can give you tremendous benefits. Exercising for some people may not always be the most fun thing to do, however, if you do these activities with a friend it may make them more enjoyable.

Getting a friend to exercise with you each day may not only make it more fun, but it may help ensure that you keep doing it.

You and your exercise partner can help remind each other to exercise and can encourage each other to go farther and do more each day.

Exercising Your Brain

Training your brain to improve memory through exercise is one of the best things that you can do to improve your overall cognitive function. In a recent study, researchers have found that when people aged 65 and older participated in brain training activities each day for a few weeks they had increased the ability to perform everyday tasks.

Exercising your brain helps keep your brain active and can improve your brain health and cognitive function.

Some researchers believe that exercising your brain can help your brain grow new brain cells. These brain cells can help improve your memory can reduce the signs of aging in many people.

Reducing Stress Levels

Researchers, both with Prevagen and not connected to Prevagen, have found that reducing your stress levels can lead to better brain health. Stress often results in increased levels of anxiety and reducing stressors in your life can leave you feeling healthier.

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of stress that you have in your life is through exercise, especially yoga.

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Yoga is a calm and relaxing exercise that can help you achieve greater focus and balance in your everyday life. With increased focus and balance will likely come to improved cognitive abilities.

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