Whenever you are out and about and you see someone who is a few decades your senior running like a marathon is absolutely nothing, we can’t help but be impressed!

These 90-year-olds that are running marathons are incredible people and are awesome reminders of just how amazing the human body can be and what it is truly capable of.

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Research that has been done by Prevagen is showing us that with a great routine of exercise, a healthy diet, and taking healthy dietary supplements, we can age well. This applies not only to how we age physically, but how our minds age as well.

As time goes by and we start to get older, most people realize that they begin experiencing some mild memory loss and believe that that is actually normal life.

However, the truth is that aging does not have to mean that you experience memory loss. In fact, there are a few things you can do to help improve your cognitive function and fight against memory decline as you age.

Taking Prevagen supplements

Prevagen has come out with a new dietary supplement that has been known to help fight against mild memory loss. Clinical trials have shown that when taken for 90 days in a row, Prevagen has been able to help the mind function better, get sharper, think clearer, and stay focused easier. This supplement is a great way to help support a healthy brain even as you age.

Remember that exercise is powerful to improve your memory

There have been hundreds of studies done on how physical exercise can help keep your physical body healthy as you age, but there are also a large number of studies out there that explore just how much exercise can help your mental health as well.

The more physically fit you are, the stronger your hippocampus gets. This is important because the hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for helping your brain learn and make memories. The more cardio you get in, the stronger this region is, the better your cognitive function will stay as you age.

You can concentrate more easily

When you exercise frequently, you will be able to focus on things you need to get done more easily. Studies show that just getting 20 minutes of aerobic exercise will allow you to have a better attention span when you start trying to get things done and you are less likely to be distracted and more capable of recalling information that you learned.

Exercise will help the rate of cognitive decline start to slow down

You don’t have to be like those amazing 90-year-old marathon runners to benefit mentally from exercise.

Simply performing 30 to 45 minutes of exercise either every other day or every day if you can, get make a huge impact on the structure of your brain. It can help keep your brain from aging and slow down the rate at which your memory and clarity decline.

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Exercise in any type of form, good nutrition, and healthy dietary supplements can help improve the function of the brain in multiple ways and boost its power as you age.

Clinical trials even suggest that though exercise and supplements alone can’t do everything, it certainly can delay the brain from normal aging memory loss.

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