Perry Mandera has dedicated his life to his family, church, charities, the United States Marine Core and the transportation industry. He had served numerous transportation industries by the age of 23. He began a business in 1980 but sold it five years later to pursue politics. He spent four years serving the Chicago Republican Party as a committeeman. He has been recognized for his physical and financial contributions to his community. His philanthropy has benefited veterans, cancer research and cancer prevention.


Perry Mandera donated transportation services to help with the 2013 efforts for disaster relief necessary due to the destruction caused by the tornado. The businesses and residents in Washington, Illinois benefited because of his generosity. He additionally donated forty trucks filled with food and supplies for the people devastated by Hurricane Katrina. These items went to the people of Louisiana and Mississippi. Perry Mandera was there when the devastating wildfires ravaged California. Those who lost their belongings and their homes were given supplies. He founded Custom Companies to help the people in the most desperate need.


When Custom Companies was founded, Perry Mandera stated the core values of the company were to give back to the community. He has never wavered from this decision. He sets an example to help people take the right actions. He takes pride in the wide variety of charities supported by his company. He has provided assistance for over 100 children’s sports teams in Chicago. His greatest passion is helping the children from disadvantaged neighborhoods and underprivileged families. Special attention is given to neglected and abused children because of Perry Mandera.


Perry Mandera participates in outreach opportunities during his free time. He has coached youth basketball, football and baseball teams. He also funds and manages boxers. One of these boxers competed in Barcelona, Spain for the 1992 Olympics. Another Irish boxer became famous and was a competitor in the 2004 Olympics. He helps entrepreneurs, sponsors and organizes activities for the church, and helps plan community events. Perry Mandera married in 1989 and is raising two children. He enjoys the time he spends with his family.