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How Glen Wakeman was able to achieve his phenomenal success.

Glen Wakeman is an American executive born in 1968 he is currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Glen attended the University of Scranton between the years 1977 and 1981 where he graduated with a degree in Economics and finance he later attended the University of Chicago graduating with an MBA.


Wakeman has had a very illustrious career, he began working when he joined GE Capital then moved to Doral Financial Corporation where he achieved immense success, rising to the position of CEO and President. During his tenure as president, he was concurrently serving as the board chairman of Doral Bank. He later on founded Nova Four it was at this point in his career that GE recognized his Growth Leadership role and made him a role model a decision made by the company’s Board of Directors.

Wakeman applied what he had learned through experience in his career and he came up with a five-step performance methodology (Facebook). This approach focused on human capital, execution, risk management, and leadership power in any business. His evaluation and methodology have been applied in various sectors that have already proved successful. He brought this approach to new market entry, start-ups, divestitures and M&As enabling them to achieve exponential growth in the process.

LaunchPad Holdings LLC

By identifying brilliant ideas with the ability to transform lives and the different sectors they operate in, Glen is then able to match the good idea with the requisite capital giving the startup not only a launch pad but also a path to grow. However ever idea has to be organized into a plan that can work this is where LaunchPad Holdings LLC comes in by offering a fully automated software program that enables the organization of these ideas in working plans.


Glen Wakeman is really excited by the new technologies coming up. He has especially taken a liking in machine learning. Based on the large amounts of data available he has identified this as an area that business can tap into and benefit a lot and machine learning will enable this b automatic analysis of data enabling it to produce useful and coherent reports that can be used to understand much more on client demographics as well as enable businesses to serve their customers better.

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Landmark Migrant Rights Case Sets Precedent for Law Changes and Enforcement Policies

\With an estimated 244 million individuals who now live outside their country of origin, there has been a widespread of actions throughout the United States to change the laws for migrating to America. However, those changes have created obstacles for migrants.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) acts on the behalf of individuals who believe their rights have been violated under the U.S. Constitution.

Founded in 1920, the non-profit organization began its advocacy for protecting individual rights with its first case during a time when there was rampant anti-war protests and became involved in the protection of rights under the First Amendment.

The ACLU now takes on cases involving numerous other causes, with immigration rights being one of them.

The Lacey and Larkin Foundation, located in Arizona, has supported the ACLU through its challenges with immigration policies. In 2013, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the local foundation as a way to work with advocacy groups to pass on information to immigration communities and advocate on their behalf. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

The Lacey and Larkin Foundation has expanded to reach as many of the Arizona residents as possible through outreach efforts and attending events and rallies that are led by the Latino and Hispanic community. Supplying them with invaluable information and resources, Michael and Jim have been leaders within the public showing a responsibility that has connected extremely-well throughout Arizona.

When Arizona SB 1070 was passed, it took on an infamous name known as the “Papers Please” bill. The bill originated as the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act. The law required individuals who migrated to the country to register within 30 days and to maintain proper identification at all times. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

However, the law took a turn for the worse, when state law enforcement officers began to apply it citizens within Arizona. Officers began stopping individuals for no other reason other than to search those who appeared to identify from another country.

After countless complaints received, the ACLU took action against the state of Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer, arguing the law was unconstitutional, and the actions taken by law enforcement were acts of “racial profiling”.

After a long fought battle which ended in a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the ACLU claimed victory with the Lacey and Larkin Foundation by its side in support for the Arizonian community. The case resulted in the dismantlement of several parts of the law, which were deemed unconstitutional.

Brilliance Techniques with Igor Cornelsen in the Investment Industry

Igor Cornelsen is one of the prominent investors in Brazil and has also helped a lot of people there and he recognizes better strategies to a huge investment. Due to the determination and he became in charge of a lot of banks all over the world these led to him have greater expertise and experience in banking and investment. Furthermore, those investors who are potential always come up for advice from him hence he is able to lead them on the right path of investment.

As the manager of Bainbridge Inv Inc currently, he has been able to take the organization to a higher level in terms of investing in stock market and also other vital investments. He currently resides in South Florida and the main thing that he does in his leisure time golfing. He as well ensures that the staff members of the company are well paid hence they are able to improve their lives.

Furthermore, investment always requires significance method that will help an investor be able to prevent them from getting losses.

Igor Cornelsen has better investment skills so many investors always come up to him for advice and he is able to help them be successful. He as well encourages the retired individual to invest so their future can be well secured.

Igor Cornelsen mostly motivates his clients who are an investor to always go for the damaged stocks these is because they are cheap and in prices when they are bought but at the end of the outcome they bring more profit.

Igor also expands the organization businesses all over the world these ensure that the organization offers their services to all parts of the world. He as well believes in team work these enable an organization to work smoothly and their daily target is reached.

One of the main factors that investment always entails is to always have a budget which will enable an investor to reduce the risk of losing money in the investment sector hence a lot of profit will be gained. Investment is all about making more profit and be successful in the business world.

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Creating Awareness Through Oncortarget In a Bid To Fight Cancer

Based in the United States of America, Oncortarget is a peer-reviewed open access medical journal that talks about oncology. Oncology is simply a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Its research is mainly on cancerous tumors, how to manage them and treat them if possible especially during the early stages. Oncology basically encompasses three components of dealing with cancer. One is prevention where a person is strictly advised to avoid the causative agents of cancer like tobacco. The second phase involves an early diagnosis of the abnormal growth. This includes screening of common cancers and intensive diagnosis and staging. The last phase is the treatment of the disease. Here the tumor board carries out a lot of discussions about the abnormal growth and how to deal with it. Treatment might also be offered if possible by a comprehensive cancer treatment center.

Oncortarget itself is a term that encompasses molecules, particles cellular functions common in aging and cancer. Furthermore, it also entails neurodegeneration, lymphocytes, neurons, cancer cells, and microbes. The oncortarget journal is published on a weekly basis by Impact Journals. Formed in 2010, Oncortarget is led by a team of experts highly skilled in the various roles they play. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov are some of the top-notch employees at Oncortarget. In fact, the two are the editors in chief of Oncortarget journal which is usually published in English. Mikhail Blagosklonny for one, is a man with great experience and expertise in the field of oncology. He holds an M.D in internal medicine and a Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology from the First Pavlov State University of St. Petersberg, He is a scientist who constantly studies cancer and aging. Formerly, Mikhail Blagosklomy was a professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Oncortarget is devoted to making scientific results widely available and within the shortest time possible. It also aims at doing away with borders between specialties and link different sectors of medical research together as one. Furthermore, Oncortarget allows different researchers from diverse biomedical fields to share their different findings and discoveries.With its ultimate goal, “Life Without Diseases,” in mind, Oncortarget hopes that the journal will constantly help researchers contribute to science and eradicate diseases. Endowed with the great scientists and medical experts, Oncortarget is slowly growing and covering other fields of health. In fact, having had massive success in the previous years, the journal has begun launching sections beyond oncology. Neuroscience, Cardiology, Cell Biology, Metabolism, and Endocrinology are some examples of these sections. Not to forget, Pharmacology, where Oncortarget covers all areas in this particular section.

Todd Lubar Stresses on the Adoption of Smart Technology

Todd Lubar emphasizes on why it is important to adopt the smart home technology. He argues that the services and goods that consumers utilize due to technological advancements improve the society. The most recent technology is the smart home technology. It is a category of home furnishing and devices that are compatible with smart devices. They enable homeowners to control their home from anywhere in the world and at any time. Smart homes enter the market due to vast use of Internet.

Smart homes use a wide variety of internet of things. The homeowners can control their home using centralized devices on their desktop or smart phones. They can control every element of their home. They can also command electronic devices at home including smart locks and smart lights. It is important to note that many home owners are now using this technology. The consumers are also experiencing numerous benefits that are associated with this new technology.

Todd Lubar said on patreon that creating accessible homes is a good direction in this generation. A ramp can be installed on a wheelchair to enable one to control it comfortably. This comes in handy for the disabled people in society. Smart homes reduce the chances of dangerous accidents for individuals who have physical disabilities. Todd suffers from quadriplegia. This was caused by accidental shooting that occurred when he was a child. He now relies on smart devices such as switch control to perform any task at home including closing and opening the windows.

Todd Lubar is the current president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He also works at Legendary Investment as the senior vice president. Todd has led many organizations before. The organizations include Legacy Financial Group and Mortgage Corporation. He also assisted Maryland Legacy Financial Office to increase the production unit. The company loans more than 100 million dollars annually. He was also the senior vice president of Charter Funding. Todd Lubar has worked hard to help the needy. He went to Syracuse University and graduated in 1995. He studied B.A in Speech Communication.



The Sweetgreen Experiance with Nathaniel Ru

One of the best ways to find a market for an idea is to look around and find out what may be missing from that market. This was the basis for the restaurant Sweetgreen’s start. When partners Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet attended Georgetown University together, they noticed a distinct lack of healthy restaurant options in the surrounding area.

With the unique combination of all three attending an entrepreneurship class together, all coming from first generation immigrant parents who started their own businesses, the three had the perfect background to strike out with a business venture of their own.

Backed by big name investors like Steve Case, Danny Meyer, and Daniel Boulud, the first Sweetgreen Restaurant was launched in 2007, shortly after Ru, Neman and Jammet graduated. The food was a hit with the locals, with it offering local, fresh, organic options for a more healthy dining experience. On top of the desire to want to feed people better food, the company is also driven by technology, with about 30% of all of its transactions happening online or on their own mobile app.
This is part of Sweetgreens strategy to run the company differently.

Five times each year, the corporate offices close and the employees spend a full day working at a restaurant to stay connected to the everyday business. With this, the company also doesn’t believe in having one large central headquarters with the co-CEO’s residing on both coasts. This allows the company to watch the market across the country and grow.

Co-CEO Nathaniel Ru believes that best way to grow the business is to start at the very beginning of the experience. Before even meeting with potential property managers when opening a new location, Ru meets with local farmers.

Sourcing locally grown vegetables are key to keeping Sweetgreen’s supply chain stocked with the freshest organic produce. Instead of requesting a certain crop, Ru also prefers to ask what the local farmers are growing instead. This helps eliminate food waste and gives the restaurant’s patron’s new veggies to try.

After this curtail step, it’s the restaurant design. Ru refers to as their “service design”, a combination of design, technology and storytelling. This design focus on personalizing the service experience to each customer instead of simply selling a product. Ru hopes that when someone comes into a Sweetgreens, they feel they’re being shown the whole experience and not being just given a dish.

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OCC Receives Astronomical Donation

Orange Coast College was first founded in 1947 as a two-year school awarding arts and sciences degrees to students who could move on to a four-year university.The 25,000 lucky students who attended OCC in 2016 were located by the beautiful beaches of California.

This two-year college has many famous graduates who have gone on to be successful actors and athletes. It’s unique location, amidst the social buzz of California, and the serene calm of the ocean makes it a perfect start for any student.

The two-year college offers many of the same experiences that four-year universities do. This includes a nationally renowned rowing team, a newly constructed technology and library center This cozy yet progressive college will suit the needs of many of today’s 21st-century students.

Glassdoor that reveals Orange County College is also filled with a lot of heart. A retired professor from OCC recently donated 1 million dollars to her beloved college. Mary McChesney’s donation will go towards OCC’s Planetarium to fund a Foucault pendulum.

This pendulum will be the only Foucault pendulum in Orange County. This generous donation will help to bring more science and enlightenment to the college and surrounding area.

McChesney’s donation is in honor of her late partner. McChesney’s love and dedication to education compelled her to make the 1 million dollar donation. The 91-year-old philanthropist taught English at OCC for 33 years before welcoming retirement.

The impressive new planetarium will seat 94 more people than the old planetarium and include an exhibit hall and NOAA display globe. This impressive addition will serve students from public schools as a fascinating destination.

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Finding Fugitives with Help From Securus Technologies

When we got the call this month that a dangerous fugitive was in our city, my fellow officers put it all on hold and got right on the case. The reason we suspected the fugitive was spotted in our community was his mother and friends all resided here, and these criminals will eventually fall back into familiar surroundings after being on the run for too long. We hoped we could make an arrest before he got what he needed and moved on.


The first thing we do in these type cases is let the family know we are on the hunt, and ask for their assistance. We do the same for friends, and then put the word out to informants for any information possible. We did not get even a whisper from the community, so we had to take action in a rather unique way. My team headed to the local prison to get some help from the inmates, knowing they would never say a word when we asked for help.


The reason we went to the jail was because we knew Securus Technologies had chosen this prison as one of 2,600 where they installed their inmate call monitoring system. This allows us to pay closer attention to what the inmates are saying on the phones without having to pressure them to speak. The company CEO, Richard Smith, says his team are all dedicating their time to making the world safe, and we wanted to see things play out that way.


It didn’t take too long for the LBS software to detect some conversations where inmates were taking about our fugitive. One inmate mentioned he was counting the days to his release so he could be reunited with his family, and we knew his family included our fugitive. Perhaps a slip of the tongue, but when he mentioned a cousin off our radar, we discovered that the fugitive was in fact hiding there all along.


Dr. Reddy Recommends MB2 Dental

Dr. Reddy Akhil is a dental practitioner at MB2 Dental. He is one of the renowned dentists in America with a clientele that comes from a wide radius. Dr. Akhil was born and raised in Texas, where he readily interacted with people from all walks of life. As a child, Dr. Akhil showed interests in soccer, which he played with other kids in school. He also showed interest in humanitarian activities by joining clubs such as Red Cross and Scouting. The above is now interpreted as the desire to serve humanity, which Dr. Akhil does to date.Dr. Akhil was a very creative student, who knew from an early age that he needed to pursue a career path that allowed him to use his creativity. Specifically, he wanted to pursue either dentistry or engineering courses, but he eventually settled for the dentistry course. He went to the University Of The Pacific, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biology and his masters in dentistry. At the age of 23, he acquired his doctorate of dental surgery from the university.

Upon completing his studies, Dr. Akhil went back to Texas to pursue his career. Some of the problems experienced at this time were how to raise capital or to purchase a venture. However, he managed to buy a practice and run it for a while. However, he experienced staffing and administration problems since he had to manage his little time doing all the administration and attending to the patients. Moreover, he had no way of acquiring supplies cheaply since he bought them in small scale. Eventually, the venture failed to be profitable, forcing him to sell it at a loss.It was at this juncture that Dr. Akhil met Dr. Chris Villanuella, the founder of MB2 Dental and partnered with him.

MB2 Dental is a venture that merges the private and corporate dental practices to make them more viable. Dr. Chris understands the challenges of having a private practice and at the same time those of the cooperate setting. The former configuration burdens the practitioner with too many activities that rob him of the time he needs to attend to patients. It is also costly for the practitioner. On the other hand, the latter makes the dentist an object of exploitation as profits are the primary motives of the corporate owners. In both the above cases, the patients also receive little or no attention. MB2 Dental sorts the issue by making the dentist the center of attention.Dr. Aphil is a humble man who values and listens to his staff. Moreover, he treats patients even when they come from low-income backgrounds as money is not his drive.

Beneful Dog Food: Conveniently Available for Purchase at Walmart

When choosing a food for you dog or puppy, it is important to choose one both rich in quality nutrition, and easy to purchase. When your dog runs out of food, you don’t want to end up driving around town searching for your brand. Beneful dog food is packed with premium ingredients, and is available at many convenient locations, one of which is Walmart. Being that Walmart has thousands of locations across the nation; it is a great place to pick up Beneful when you’re on-the-go.


Walmart carries Beneful dog food at a lower retail price than most of its competitors. At Walmart, a 15 lb bag of Beneful dry food retails for $13.98. Their wet variety of dog food costs $14.98 and contains 27 cans. You are looking at spending around the same amount whether you buy wet or dry food. If buying in bulk, a 31 lb bag costing $26.98. Smaller bags of dry food are also available: Walmart offers a 3.5 lb bag costing only $5.48.

Available Varieties

It is important to choose the Beneful formula that is specific to your dog or puppy. Walmart carries most of the Beneful dog food recipes. They offer the Healthy Weight Formula With Real Salmon in both wet and dry options. They also offer a multitude of flavor combinations, as well as puppy food.

Affordable Solutions

Over time, dog food costs can start to add up. If you are looking to shop for Beneful food on a budget, Walmart offers many helpful discounts and coupons that can be applied at checkout. You can also download Walmart’s app to help you find out when Beneful will go on roll-back, and alert you concerning any special pricing or discounts.