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Uncovering Crimes Through The Means of Video Chatting is Being Made Possible By Securus Technologies

If you’re unsure about how you can keep in touch with a family member, significant other, or friend due to someone being placed in jail, then you may have been under the impression that scheduling a visitation session at the correctional facility is the only way to do so. However, this is not necessarily the case as Securus Technologies has brought an opportunity to people that has not necessarily existed before. Just as regular everyday citizens are able to communicate with one another through means of video conferencing between computers, people can now keep in touch with inmates via video conferencing methods through the utilization of Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a great tool that enables people to keep in touch regardless of there being certain barriers that may exist, most specifically scheduling conflicts. As many people are unaware, scheduling appointment times to visit an inmate in jail is not quite as simple as it may have been seen. Visiting inmates in jail can be a time consuming process in with scheduling appointments in one’s preferred time may be impossible during certain busy seasons in which there will be many visitors visiting the jails for many different inmates. Due to these types of scheduling conflicts, people are often finding it difficult to stay in touch when they would like to. Securus Technologies has allowed people to keep in touch despite these difficult and unexpected times of not being able to schedule by creating a program that consists of both parties of communications to chat with one another through video chatting interfaces. It is also a way for police agencies to monitor conversations between inmates and their visitors, which can potentially be a great method of uncovering crimes that may have occurred in the past, or are currently taking place while no one has been made aware of it except for those who are committing the acts of crime themselves.


Marc Sparks Starting a Business

There are a lot of people who want to start a business in order to have more financial freedom for the future. However, starting a business is a lot of hard work and often requires an investment on the front end. This is not something that a lot of people have, and it is important to work with someone who does in your situation.

Not only that, but you can start to think about the long term projections of your business with someone who can guide you through that process. Marc Sparks is the type of person who is always willing to help other people throughout the business process.

He has a lot of great experience that he is willing to work with other people on. If you want to work with the best in the business, he is the person you should go to.

Marc Sparks

When he first started out in business, there were a lot of people who thought that Marc Sparks would burn out from all of the work. However, he has a passion that few people have for business.

This is something that has helped to motivate him when times get tough. If you want to start a business, you need to make sure you are passionate about your idea. There will be times when you must sacrifice other things in your family life to get to where you need to be. Not to mention the huge financial commitment that it takes.

Financing Help

One of the most important things that Marc Sparks can help with is financing. There are a lot of people who want to finance something in their business. Working with someone like Marc Sparks can go a long way to helping in this process. He will help finance your ideas, and this will help drive business growth in the future.

Over time, he has helped hundreds of small business owners get to the next level through his financial help. There are a lot of people who are excited about all of the opportunities coming in the future.

Final Thoughts

Over time, Marc Sparks has proven that he truly cares about helping others. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that he is making in his business. He wants to be more focused on helping others through their problems.

Not only that, but he is willing to risk his own money in order to get to the next level in life. According to Good Reads, Marc Sparks is a great example of how much money someone can make in business when they have a great idea and follow through on it to help others.

Benefits of the Full Body Cleanse


If you are looking for ways to lose excess fat and get into shape, doing a cleanse is one of them. There are many benefits of starting a cleansing regimen. For starters, it will help you release toxins from your body. It is also one of the best ways of improving your immunity and keeping you in top shape.

The Rick Smiley Morning Show originally reported this Dherbs Full Body Cleanse Detoxing Experience
In order to do a cleanse properly, you need to follow a certain regimen. Luckily for you, there are many products in the market which make the process simple. One of the programs which could benefit you is one by Full Body Cleanse
The aim of the cleansing process is to leave your body rejuvenated and detoxified. Those who have gone through the program have also sworn that the product helps you lose about 10 lbs to 30 lbs.

When you undergo a cleanse, you release toxins which may cause harm to your body. When you do so, the skin complexion is also improved. The body is equally able to circulate nutrients to strategic parts faster and more efficiently. Some people find that their energy levels are increased after a cleanse. In order to have a positive outlook about life in general, you should think of embarking on this journey, is one that recommended for anybody interested in a vegan weight loss system.
Recipes to Try
One of the easiest recipes to try when you are on the full body cleanse regimen is smoothie. Smoothies are natural and very easy to prepare. All you need is a vegetable or fruits of your choice and you are food to go. Drinking a smoothie on a daily basis can enhance the rate at which the body releases toxins and help it absorb useful nutrients.
Fruit Salads
On the website, Yelp reviewers point out that you will find recipes of fruit salads which you can incorporate into your diet on a daily basis. They give you the required boost of vitamin c and other useful nutrients.

See some real results from Sheryl Underwood loses weight on the DHERBS Full Body Cleanse – on YouTube

Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

How many companies you know that are taking on retail giants like Amazon. For Fabletics, the fashion and women sportswear brand, Amazon is not a huge threat to its products anymore because the company has streamlined an innovative model that Amazon may love to replicate one day. Those who know Fabletics are aware that the company started mainly as a subscription based company that attracted a lot of attention by offering online deals to its members that were too good to pass away. Often these deals are half the price of the similar clothing brand of a competitor. As the subscription catalog continued to introduce more deals, the number of customers also skyrocketed.


However, Kate Hudson’s company, did not stop as it kept on innovating itself by announcing the opening of physical store fronts in several iconic locations throughout the United States. As if $250 Million sales were not enough in the first three years, the company has plans for 75 to 100 major store openings in the next three to five years.


The integration of online and offline channels is likely to suit the brand as it has loyal customers who would love to try clothing at a nearby store. The technique is not new as nearly 69 percent of Americans analyze offers online before going to the shop to buy it. However, few companies have used the reverse showroom concept to their advantage. In fact, it seems that Fabletics have nailed it because almost 25 percent to 50 percent of customers that walk in the Fabletics stores already know what they are going to buy. A majority of these customers are members who get the information and deals, online. Similarly, the company is taking advantage of the phenomenon by attracting hordes of walk-in customers who also like to become members. As such, nearly one fourth of walk-in customers become subscribers.


The innovation has succeeded because Fabletics also provides one-to-one personalized service to customers in the store. Numerous value-added services takes customer satisfaction to a whole new level. As customers buy their clothes or even try a new set of clothing, it automatically updates their online portal. The technology helps the management to provide future offers based on the history of shopping and customer preference. In the future, Fabletics may even try robots, which can deliver clothing in the changing room saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.


The combination of effective online marketing and the ability to offer customer a chance to try the new products before buying enables Fabletics to stay ahead of its competitors. In fact, the membership is free for everyone. The only catch is the $49.95 monthly fee that is charged if the customer does not buy anything within a calendar month. Despite the fee, members continue to rave about the great offers that Fabletics continue to bestow on its customers.

How Oncotarget Excels in Covering Biomedical Research Topics

Oncotarget is the leading online journal that covers oncology topics. The journal invites articles from diverse writers. The word Oncotarget was derived from oncology, which is the study of cellular functions. Oncology goes beyond the study of molecules, aging, and cancer therapies. It covers topics such as microbes, neurons, and lymphocytes. Oncotarget is an archive of multidisciplinary journals. Users can access all journals published on the directory free of charge. These journals are usually published every week. Oncotarget issues can also be printed on request.

Since 2010, Impact Journals have always published the reading materials. Oncotarget’s materials on are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. They are tagged under ISSN 1949-2553 and OCLC no. 408119940.


Oncotarget’s mission is to avail scientific resources to people who require them for research or other educational purposes. The online journal frequently releases journals written by expert researchers. The language used in the publications is comprehensible. Oncotarget’s journals also target readers from all parts of the world.

Oncotarget also focuses on eliminating the border differences that exist between specialties. The directory links diverse biomedical science fields and offers readers a comprehensive way of navigating through the fields. Biomedical science is a broad area of research. Topics are linked on Oncotarget to educate readers on applications of clinical and basic science. This knowledge can be used in finding an effective treatment for diseases.


The repository attributes its success to editors and researchers who publish articles weekly. It boasts contributions from renowned scientists who have been instrumental in progressing science as a field. The repository’s contributors on believe that medical studies lead to the eradication of diseases hence longevity in humans. The repository has managed to expand its coverage beyond oncological topics.

Chief Editors of the repository are Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov. These editors ensure that all informative materials submitted are written in English. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a medical scholar whose hypothesis on aging and cancer has been referenced severally in research publications. According to him, cancer patients can live longer if they are treated with rapamycin. He currently serves as an oncology lecturer at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He furthers the research on cancer and creation of therapies for managing cancer. Andrei V. Gudkov, whose research publications are also relevant in biomedical studies, also works at the institution.


Ignition Financial Refinancing Loans

Tips On Refinancing Your Loans


If you want to be sure that you are able to cut your debt, one of the best things you can do is refinance your loans. When loans get out of hand to the point that you are being hounded by multiple creditors, sometimes refinancing the loans is the best way to go about it. In this regard, there are a number of companies that you can turn to in order to get this help. To learn more about this, the benefits of it and what you can do in that regard, read on and factor in these tips.


#1: The Benefits of Refinancing A Loan


Chances are high that slash my payments are on your priority list if you are buried in debt. In terms of refinancing a loan, this is one of the greatest benefits that you will be able to achieve from that. If the idea to slash my payments appeals to you, you need to touch base with a refinancing company that can give you the excellent terms which will allow you to instead pay back your loan on one bill.



#2: How To Get The Proper Refinancing


In order to get the proper refinancing that you need, the best thing to do is select 5 to 6 different refinancing companies that you are able to get work through. Look into their terms and conditions and always check in to the rates that they offer in terms of interest and fees. Doing this provides you the opportunity to make sure you are selecting the best company accordingly and so that you are able to make the wisest decision.


#3: Steps To Keep In Mind


You will need to do think such as look into your credit score, potentially contact your creditors for more time and more information if you are looking to refinance loan. It will pay to put together as much information as you can and keep tabs of all of your records so that you are able to properly approach a loan refinancing company. By understanding these steps, you will be in a better position to get the refinanced loan that you are striving to receive.




Many Customers are Singing Praises to Securus Technologies and Their Unique Approach in Way of Making the Environment for the Inmate Population Safter

Many persons and correctional facilities, as well as law enforcement agencies, are quite familiar with the company Securus Technologies. The company, is, unquestionably, the leader, pertinent to providing the civil and criminal justice environment with safe, unique technological solutions. The company provides the law enforcement community and the correctional environment with technological resources relative to investigations, public safety, issues and concerns inside of the corrections environment, and monitoring. The objective of the company is: prevention of future crimes and assisting in solving the crimes which exist; inclusive of crimes amongst inmates.


So what has happened as a result of this evolving unique niche problem-solving technology? There has been a great deal of praise provided, to Securus, from personnel, within the environments of jails and prisons. This endearing praise has come from every part of the nation—meaning inside of the United States. Emails and letters have come forth from prison personnel and law enforcement investigators, who are put to the task, of solving crimes; and assuring that crimes do not occur. The technologies, provided by Securus, are instrumental in assuring the prison environment remains safer and, ideally, much better than if such technologies, were not provided.


Naturally, the precise location of the prison is not forthcoming, since innocent individuals could be put at risk.


The Chairman and CEO, of the company, Richard A. (Rick) Smith, is an engagingly positive individual. Mr. Smith, when interviewed, relayed the information, that, once weekly, the company is developing a new product offering, or service, which greatly assists persons, within the industries of law enforcement and corrections. The technological advances, provided by Securus Technologies, allows such individuals to solve crimes, and prevent new crimes from occurring.


He also supplied information that Securus had received thousands of emails and letters, relative to what the company creates; and how its technology is assisting society. The technologies, created by the company, keep the families of the inmate population, the inmates and parolees, safer. Rick indicates, that by assuring the service or product provides the user with a safe component, the company is attaining its objective, in way of assuring the world is made a safer place to live.


He further indicates that it is a terrific honor to properly protect and serve the correctional market as well as law enforcement personnel. The preceding said, the company has made it a point, within the article, to provide to the reader, what certain customers conveyed—relative to the products and services, offered by Securus Technologies. The selected comments of various customers follow, accordingly:


Customers Comment on How the Technologies Provided by Securus Technologies Greatly Improve Matters within the Correctional Environment and with Respect to the Investigations of Law Enforcement Agencies:


One individual indicated, due to the assistance, provided by Securus Technologies, that the information gleaned from phone conversations, conducted by a corrupt member of the prison staff, allowed the authorities to obtain a necessary search warrant. Once the search warrant was obtained, the follow-up, ended quite favorably. As a consequence, the corrupt individual was arrested, during the morning hours, with the associated crime being that of introducing contraband, inside of the correctional environment. As such, the investigators wished to express their gratitude to Securus Technologies, as a result of its involvement in the case. The authorities, further added, that they looked forward to working with Securus Technologies, as it pertained to other cases—in the future.


Another investigative-type of happy customer revealed that particular call-monitoring was performed, wherein, the subject of the call was that of alcohol use of the inmate. Further, this particular person was also selling drugs, and drugs were, according to the call information, inside of the correctional facility. The investigators, based on the information attained from the call, determined that there was probable use of a cellular device. The calls became more and more suggestive, as it pertained to criminal activity. There was information, as it pertained to the conversations, of a threatening nature, and considered highly suspicious. The threatening and suspicious conversations, involved transfer of funds, a former incident, involving gunshots, and that of a civilian, freely admitting to the sale of discounted prescription drugs. All of the above information, it is correct to state, was possible to attain, with the assistance of Securus Technologies–Information relative to further crime prevention and in way of solving an existing crime.


One customer says, in so many words, that they have relied on the technological solutions, provided by Securus Technologies, for many years. The customer said they were pleased that the company is so dedicated, in way of addressing the needs of the correctional environment, by making it a safer place. The progressive attitude of Securus Technologies, according to them, has had a profound effect in improving public safety, within that particular customer’s sector of the country and state. The assertive mindset, of Securus Technologies, in way of providing the best technologies, in the form of crime prevention and safety, is a particularly attractive feature, to this particular correctional institution.


Another customer mentioned that their facility was greatly awed by the fact that Securus was such a visionary, as to purpose. They added, too, that the company’s current projections and its creation of improved capacities will provide the area of law enforcement investigations, a great deal of measurable results. The evolving technologies, in other words, coming forth from the company, will play an instrumental role, in allowing law enforcement and the correctional facility staff, to attain better positioning, in the form of crime prevention; and keeping the correction’s environment substantially safer. The evolving technologies, offered by the company, in the form of investigative resources, and the associated capabilities, provided, greatly enhance, the investigative techniques, used by the law enforcement community.


One customer stated that he was greatly encouraged by the reports provided by Securus Technologies. He happily mentioned the fact, that the data provided, in report format, allowed his agency to act, using a positive, pro-active approach, in the form of monitoring solutions, and in preventing the introduction of contraband, into the correctional establishment.


Yet, another pleased client, provided information to Securus, wherein he was greatly pleased with the niche investigative technological tools, provided to them. He said that such technological enhancements, had greatly assisted his staff, in properly going forth with their criminal investigation, particularly as it pertained to harassment, within the correctional facility. He said, too, such niche technological resources, provided by the company, allowed his staff to handle the potentiality of threats to the overall security of the correctional institution; as well as to the community, where the prison is located.


One investigator stated, that during the course of his investigation, he made a call to Securus Technologies, as it pertains to the covert alert feature, pertinent to a technological tool. In doing so, he mentioned that, with the assistance of the technological staff, at Securus, he and his investigative team were able to, successfully, make full use of the feature; and as a consequence, take their suspect into custody.


One investigator said that he had recently listened in on a call made to an inmate from that of another inmate. He additionally, heard a mother and two siblings, on the outside. What he heard, listening to the siblings, was quite revealing. The preceding revelation, came about, using a technological solution, provided by Securus Technologies. The older sibling was instructing the younger sibling, who, by the way, had never been involved, legally, in any trouble, what to say, when questioned, with regard to a shooting that had occurred recently. The investigator said, as a result, the information he heard would be quite useful and significant, in way of solving a case.


Another customer, had glowing remarks with regard to the LBS software, offered by Securus Technologies. The software is used in connection with the resources of law enforcement—in this particular instance—the Sheriff’s Department. In making use of the software, the Sheriff’s Department was able to recover over millions in the form of drugs, cash and illegal assets. Undoubtedly, the client stated, without the software, provided by Securus Technologies, their job, in the recovery of the latter mentioned items, would have been a great deal more trying, and with respect to certain circumstances—not possible at all.


Another professional, within the field of law enforcement, stated that using the LBS Services, singularly, was enough reason to maintain a relationship with Securus Technologies. He suggested, that in his opinion, the LBS technology, used in connection with Investigator Pro, makes Securus, a viable leader, in way of a phone provider, within the jail environment and to the industry of law enforcement.


The Doors of Securus are Always Open to Clients and Potential Clients:


The company remains dedicated to its customer-base, as well as to persons and parties interested in learning more about its unique technological correctional facility and investigative resources. The officials, at Securus Technologies, offer, an open invitation, to all interested parties, to pay a visit to its Technology Center, located in Dallas, Texas. The center will provide the visitor with a presentation about its technologies and how it is such technologies and resources are assistive in way of crime prevention and solving crimes.


Information about Securus Technologies:


The company is pleased to provide service to over three-thousand, four-hundred fifty law enforcement, safety and correctional agencies, scattered throughout the country, as well as one-million, two-hundred thousand inmates. The company is very dedicated to serving law enforcement and the correctional environments. This unique connection comes by way of providing, the customer, with services and technologies such as emergency response solutions, incident management technologies, bio-metric analysis, public data, and information management services; self-services for inmates, and monitoring services and products.


All of the technologies, of the company, have proven to make the world, as a whole, a safer environment, in which to work and reside. Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters®.


An individual, agency or institution, wishing to attain further information, as it pertains to the company’s full offering of criminal justice and civil justice technologies and solutions is encouraged to pay a visit to the company site—


Other sites of interest include:

The Unique Service Offing Provided By Cotemar

Cotemar is one of five major oil companies around the world. Unlike other major oil companies, this corporation only operates in Mexico. It was founded in 1979. Despite having partners across the United States and Europe, the company has no plans of expanding its operations beyond Mexico. Its headquarters are in Monterrey.

Over the years, Cotemar has been able to grow rapidly due to the new oil wells in Mexico and the world’s increasing appetite for crude oil. Currently, Cotemar has employed over 7,000 workers. They vary from highly trained professionals to casual workers. Its customer base has also grown to over 1,100 users, earning the company revenues of over $600 million every month.

The services offered by Cotemar falls under three broad categories. The first category involves providing construction, maintenance, modernization, and engineering services. Through these services, the company ensures that its clients’ facilities are up to date, efficient, and safe to both the environment and the people working on them. It mainly deals with processing centers in offshore installations, platforms, prefabrication and assembly, and commissioning of service lines and equipment.

Additionally, Cotemar provides its clients with a broad range of specialized and marine support boats. These ships are designed to serve the various offshore needs of oil companies such as transportation of personnel, food, and light materials. The company has tow ships and barges to help client transport large structures. Cotemar has specialized fire-fighting vessels that are operated by specially trained crew. Oil factories have a high risk of fire incidences.

In the open seas, workers in oil facilities are miles away from any grocery stores or restaurant. This means that there must be a continuous supply of food if the workers have to stay healthy and longer at their workstations. Cotemar provides food and lodgings on all its platforms and the boats that it operates. In addition, the corporation provides additional food and accommodation. These services do not only include food preparation and comfortable living quarters, but also washing clothes, ironing, and cleaning of common areas.

Cotemar partners with other professional companies such as Dynamic Positioning Systems to boost the quality of its services. For instance, this particular partnership ensures that the firm can handle platform inspection and rehabilitate process lines on the sea-bottom.

Locating Superior Assisted Living Facilities


Assisted living facilities can be found in many places across the country. Those who are looking to retire or looking to help a loved one pick out the right space for their retirement needs will have many places to choose from. Picking out the right kind of assisted living facility will take careful investigation and consideration of multiple facts. Any given person needs to think about factors such as their medical needs, the amount of space they want to have in their retirement years and the kind of amenities that are right for their needs. In doing so, many people are pleased to find that they can pick the right kind of assisted living facility for their needs or the needs of their loved one.


The Manse On Marsh


A facility such as the Manse on Marsh has much to offer residents. Those who are looking for a facility that lets them choose from various kinds of living arrangements will also find it here. All living arrangements should be thought about. Someone may be retiring with a spouse. In that case, a larger residence such as those offered at the Manse on Marsh can be quite ideal. Another person may be a single person and may not need as much space.


The Importance Of Location


Another factor that many people who are retiring will want to take in account when they are going to retire is the location of the facility. The Manse on Marsh is located in California, an area where people are able to find easy access to amenities such as the beaches of the Pacific Ocean and the many public parks in the region. This can be a prime consideration for those who wish to remain part of urban life and want to spend time in larger city with lots of cultural attractions. But don’t believe the hype, check out Yelp reviews, or see what the Facebook reviewers are saying.

Securus Video Visitation App helps Inmates and their Families to Stay Connected

Secures Visitation App is designed exclusively for inmates. This technology is implemented within many correctional facilities all throughout the country. The Visitation App allows inmates and their loved ones to keep in touch during their incarceration. The technology utilizes a terminal and a mobile phone to send and receive video images.


Securus came up with the Visitation App back in 2011. The app works by allowing an inmate to use a video terminal that is located within a prison facility. The terminal sends out video images to a person’s smartphone that has the app installed. This technology was created by Securus to help families to stay together through an inmate’s time behind bars.


Once a loved one downloads this app, they can then use it to keep in touch with a jailed family member. An individual can simply make a call instead of traveling out to a facility. This is a great alternative for family and visitations because it helps poorer families who are dealing with transportation issues to stay in touch with inmates. I know this is a really good idea.


The app’s developers at Securus also wants to reduce the recidivism rate for inmates.


Inmates that have consistent access to their families will usually conduct themselves in a good manner while behind bars. I can’t deny that this is an excellent idea. Also, they will less likely to return back to prison once they are out.


Securus Visitation App is available at Google Play and iStore. You can download the app for free and once they are approved they can then contact the facility where a loved one is being held. Video visitation technology is changing the way that inmates and their families stay connected while they are serving out their time.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.