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Beneful has Everything Your Dog Needs at Walmart

Have you expanded your family recently? Have you found a new love for your home? Did you acquire a new puppy? If so, Beneful has the right puppy food for you. A puppy needs a number of things to be healthy and therefore you want to make sure that the food that you are purchasing is high in calcium which is needed to support strong bones for a growing pup. Not only is it needed for healthy bones but also for healthy teeth.

If you are not sure if your dog will enjoy Beneful, the smaller size bags are great for trying it out. The Beneful Originals with real beef is a great choice for dog food. It contains the ingredients needed for a healthy immune system along with the nutrients needed for a healthy coat. By purchasing the smaller size bags, you are able to try it but the cost will be higher than if you purchase the larger bags.

So your dog is slightly overweight and needs to lose a few pounds, Beneful Healthy Weight is the right choice for a dog who needs to lose weight. The food is calorie smart for adult dogs and has high quality protein and real chicken inside. It is sure to be a hit with all dog breeds.

Grain free Beneful with farm raised chicken is a great choice for dogs who can not tolerate grains in their food. If your dog has an allergy to grain, the food has not wheat, soy or corn. The chicken that is found inside of the food is farm raised and perfect to help a dog who is sensitive to grains.

If your dog is a fan of canned food, Beneful IncrediBites is perfect. The small bites are great for dogs who are smaller and is packed full of protein. Smaller dogs will require some of the same nutrients as larger breeds but there are some vitamins that it needs that other foods might not have. Beneful has everything your dog needs to live and be healthy and happy in your home.

How Mike is Changing Lives

According to a reliable study, almost eighty percent of the businesses in the modern times fail in their first years. Most of these firms will collapse in no time because the owners do not have the expertise and knowledge needed to venture into the competitive market. Most business owners need to understand that they have to work on their investments so that they can make good profits.


Mike Baur is a finance executive who has been in the department for a very long time. Baur is currently the chief executive director of a company known as the Swiss Startup Factory. The private company focuses on giving people in business the information and resources they need to transform their ideas into profitable ventures. Mike Baur has spent more than twenty years in the banking department, and he understands the challenges faced by investors who want to become wealthy.


Mike Baur was born and raised in a place known as Schaffhausen. The businessman spent most of his time at Freiburg for his education. At the moment, Mike is based in Zurich, and he is working hard to make things better for all the newbies in the market. When growing up, Mike Baur proved to the people around him that he was an entrepreneur from the heart. After graduating from the prestigious university of Rochester, the investor chose to enroll for an executive MBA from the popular University of Berne. This educational background has been instrumental in his career life.


As the chief executive officer of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has been doing a lot to bring change in the society, especially among the young people. The company focuses on motivating and giving young entrepreneurs the knowledge they need to make profitable ventures in the competitive market. The company has managed to establish great networks in the world, and they have played a huge role in the success of the private firm.


When people in business join the startup company, they are taken through three-month training so that they can be equipped with skills of becoming great investors. After the end of the training, these individuals are given office spaces in excellent locations at Zurich Town. The company uses its networks to make sure that the investors transform their ideas into great businesses. Mike Baur has been working with the startup since it was founded several years ago, and he has done his best so that it can make an impact in the lives of many people.


How Osteo Relief Institute is Fighting Osteoarthritis

Arthritis happens to be a common disease but many times the condition is misunderstood. Actually, arthritis is not a single disease and the term refers to a general manifestation of joint diseases highlighted by joint pains. There are over 100 types of arthritis and the common one is Osteoarthritis. The alarming news is that over 50 million US adults are affected with women being the most hit.


The condition is the leading promoter of disability in the US (DialDish). Osteoarthritis is characterized by the wearing of the cartilage that connects the bones at the joints. The degeneration of the cartilage results to the grinding of the bones hence pain and swelling. Osteo Relief Institute understands the seriousness of the condition and they are in the front line to administer nonsurgical treatment.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute, based in New Jersey is an organization with certified physicians and therapists that focuses on joint pain relief. The organization believes that with effective treatment and therapy, surgery for bone and related complications can be avoided. They are very concerned about arthritis in the US and most specific, Osteoarthritis.


Every Osteo Relief Institute consists of certified medical experts with a primary focus on handling Osteoarthritis and related skeleton pain. Their programs are FDA approved and use techniques such as Videofluoroscopy (low exposure to x-ray), Bio-mechanical bracing, Joint oiling injection, and Knee strengthening.


Each treatment routine is specific to every patient and the role of Osteo Relief Institute is to ensure that the patient enjoys a successful recovery. Most patients who have gone through the institute enjoy healthy mobility and joint relief. Their nonsurgical treatment plans are highly rated in the US and beyond.


The experts at Osteo Relief Institute provide patients with effective information in respect to Osteoarthritis management and treatment. They are available for consultation and you can inquire about their programs. Today, the American community can relax knowing that nonsurgical treatment for different types of arthritis is available.




Overall, Osteo Relief Institute is very important to the American community. Their focus to treat Osteoarthritis through nonsurgical plans makes the institute important for America. They provide effective treatment solution to facilitate the prevention of Osteoarthritis enhanced disability.

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Eli Gershkovitch: Turning A Passion For Craft Beer Into A Business Idea

Eli Gershkovitch is a businessman and entrepreneur who knows the ins and outs of a business idea. He is one of the people who has given life to the craft beer scene in the country and is one of the most well-known breweries in the area. He is the founder of Steamworks, which is one of the premier Breweries in Canada. Eli Gershkovitch brought the idea of brewing craft beer to the country after spending a considerable amount of time in factories in Europe. He has always been a lover of finely crafted beer and took to this as a good way to experiment during his time there ( The reason he had gone to Europe was that he wanted to take a break before he ventured out into the world of corporate law. He had studied in the field of law with the view of entering the business sector. This trip was one of the best things for Eli Gershkovitch since it gave him the impetus to start up something of his own.

Eli Gershkovitch pic2

Eli Gershkovitch is extremely proud of the company that he built. Steamworks breweries have grown to be one of the leading breweries in the country and has become a well-known favorite. People all over are turning to craft beer for their alcohol preferences rather than normally packaged brands that are mass produced. Eli Gershkovitch tends to know the tastes that their customers prefer and therefore can craft beer to fit that perfectly. Because Eli Gershkovitch is a lawyer, he was aware that it was necessary to protect the recipe that he used for his brewing and therefore went on to patent the brews that they make. Because of this, no one else in the world can use the same kind of brewing techniques that Eli Gershkovitch uses for his drinks, making them one of a kind.


People like opting in for one of the kind products which they cannot find elsewhere (Crunchbase). Eli Gershkovitch has excelled in this, which is why his company has gained such a massive following. Today, he has set the pace for breweries in the country, with more and more brand names following in his footsteps.

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Dr. Mark Holterman’s Distinguished Career In Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Mark Holterman, MD, who teaches at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, is an American Diabetes Association (ADA) member who is concerned about the increasing occurrences of type 2 diabetes in children. He supports the ADA’s joint effort with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to encourage physical activity and to teach children how to make healthier food choices (


Holterman, who teaches pediatrics and surgery, supports the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN) as well. IPSAC-VN’s mission is to support pediatric surgical care and ensure that healthcare professionals in Vietnam can access surgical services for their young patients.


In addition to being a full professor, Dr. Mark Holterman is also a clinician; he is a pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois and at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. Holterman is an American College of Surgeons Fellow, a title granted to surgeons who have professional proficiency and who agree to follow the strict code of ethics demanded by the college.


After graduating graduated cum laude from Yale University, Dr. Mark Holterman went on to earn his MD from the University of Virginia. In addition to his surgical and teaching duties, Holterman serves as the CEO and CMO of Mariam Global Health, a firm that invests in innovative medical companies. An advocate of regenerative medicine, Holterman’s research into stem cell therapy, using ethically sourced cells, was the basis of his presentation at the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies conference. Dr. Mark Holterman’s position is that we need more clinical trials and further research to ascertain stem cells’ healing abilities.


Edisoft Inc.: Providers of Excellent Technology Solutions

In business, many challenges exist between storage, distribution, and delivery of products. A well-functioning supply chain system is essential to ensure total quality management.

Edisoft company offers Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platform, thereby assisting manufacturers and distributors conduct business efficiently. With data being a phenomenal asset, the company incorporates a reliable software that streamlines data to facilitate accuracy in production and distribution. Edisoft delivers optimal and automatic Vendor Compliance, management of carriers and godowns in a perfectly harmonized system.


Edisoft Incorporated is an international company that has its main offices in Toronto, Canada. It has another office in Miami, State of Florida, U.S.A. it serves clients all over the world.

For a company that values total quality management, Edisoft Inc. provides efficient services that improve the performance of the supply chain in an organization. Edisoft collects data from all relevant parties and utilizes the data to establish a regular and flawless flow of activities within the stipulated timelines.

Supply Chain Structure

The supply chain structure comprises of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and contractors. Supply chain management involves the smooth flow of information and products between the relevant stakeholders.

Production- goods are produced in a given amount of time as per set procedures and guidelines (LinkedIn). They are then packaged.

Storage- this involves storing goods in warehouses before transiting to the consumer.

Distribution-goods are moved from one point to another before they finally end up in the consumer’s hands.

Technological advancement in the supply chain has improved coordination of supply activities and tapping vital information from business premises.

Value-addition of Edisoft in logistics

The internet of things has improved communication and performance with a minimal requirement of human labor. By efficient management of data, institutions can keep track of inventory to ensure goods are delivered to consumers in the right quality and within the given timelines. Edisoft uses the ERP system in data management. Its software creates key performance indicators that are used to guide organizations in production and delivery of quality products. Not only does the platform given by Edisoft reduce wastage of time, but also highlights loopholes that can be taken care of immediately.

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How Glen Wakeman was able to achieve his phenomenal success.

Glen Wakeman is an American executive born in 1968 he is currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Glen attended the University of Scranton between the years 1977 and 1981 where he graduated with a degree in Economics and finance he later attended the University of Chicago graduating with an MBA.

Wakeman has had a very illustrious career, he began working when he joined GE Capital. He later on founded Nova Four it was at this point in his career that GE recognized his Growth Leadership role and made him a role model a decision made by the company’s Board of Directors.

Wakeman applied what he had learned through experience in his career and he came up with a five-step performance methodology (Facebook). This approach focused on human capital, execution, risk management, and leadership power in any business. His evaluation and methodology have been applied in various sectors that have already proved successful. He brought this approach to new market entry, start-ups, divestitures and M&As enabling them to achieve exponential growth in the process.

LaunchPad Holdings LLC

By identifying brilliant ideas with the ability to transform lives and the different sectors they operate in, Glen is then able to match the good idea with the requisite capital giving the startup not only a launch pad but also a path to grow. However ever idea has to be organized into a plan that can work this is where LaunchPad Holdings LLC comes in by offering a fully automated software program that enables the organization of these ideas in working plans.

Glen Wakeman is really excited by the new technologies coming up. He has especially taken a liking in machine learning. Based on the large amounts of data available he has identified this as an area that business can tap into and benefit a lot and machine learning will enable this b automatic analysis of data enabling it to produce useful and coherent reports that can be used to understand much more on client demographics as well as enable businesses to serve their customers better.

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Landmark Migrant Rights Case Sets Precedent for Law Changes and Enforcement Policies

\With an estimated 244 million individuals who now live outside their country of origin, there has been a widespread of actions throughout the United States to change the laws for migrating to America. However, those changes have created obstacles for migrants.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) acts on the behalf of individuals who believe their rights have been violated under the U.S. Constitution.

Founded in 1920, the non-profit organization began its advocacy for protecting individual rights with its first case during a time when there was rampant anti-war protests and became involved in the protection of rights under the First Amendment.

The ACLU now takes on cases involving numerous other causes, with immigration rights being one of them.

The Lacey and Larkin Foundation, located in Arizona, has supported the ACLU through its challenges with immigration policies. In 2013, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the local foundation as a way to work with advocacy groups to pass on information to immigration communities and advocate on their behalf. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

The Lacey and Larkin Foundation has expanded to reach as many of the Arizona residents as possible through outreach efforts and attending events and rallies that are led by the Latino and Hispanic community. Supplying them with invaluable information and resources, Michael and Jim have been leaders within the public showing a responsibility that has connected extremely-well throughout Arizona.

When Arizona SB 1070 was passed, it took on an infamous name known as the “Papers Please” bill. The bill originated as the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act. The law required individuals who migrated to the country to register within 30 days and to maintain proper identification at all times. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

However, the law took a turn for the worse, when state law enforcement officers began to apply it citizens within Arizona. Officers began stopping individuals for no other reason other than to search those who appeared to identify from another country.

After countless complaints received, the ACLU took action against the state of Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer, arguing the law was unconstitutional, and the actions taken by law enforcement were acts of “racial profiling”.

After a long fought battle which ended in a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the ACLU claimed victory with the Lacey and Larkin Foundation by its side in support for the Arizonian community. The case resulted in the dismantlement of several parts of the law, which were deemed unconstitutional.

Brilliance Techniques with Igor Cornelsen in the Investment Industry

Igor Cornelsen is one of the prominent investors in Brazil and has also helped a lot of people there and he recognizes better strategies to a huge investment. Due to the determination and he became in charge of a lot of banks all over the world these led to him have greater expertise and experience in banking and investment. Furthermore, those investors who are potential always come up for advice from him hence he is able to lead them on the right path of investment.

As the manager of Bainbridge Inv Inc currently, he has been able to take the organization to a higher level in terms of investing in stock market and also other vital investments. He currently resides in South Florida and the main thing that he does in his leisure time golfing. He as well ensures that the staff members of the company are well paid hence they are able to improve their lives.

Furthermore, investment always requires significance method that will help an investor be able to prevent them from getting losses.

Igor Cornelsen has better investment skills so many investors always come up to him for advice and he is able to help them be successful. He as well encourages the retired individual to invest so their future can be well secured.

Igor Cornelsen mostly motivates his clients who are an investor to always go for the damaged stocks these is because they are cheap and in prices when they are bought but at the end of the outcome they bring more profit.

Igor also expands the organization businesses all over the world these ensure that the organization offers their services to all parts of the world. He as well believes in team work these enable an organization to work smoothly and their daily target is reached.

One of the main factors that investment always entails is to always have a budget which will enable an investor to reduce the risk of losing money in the investment sector hence a lot of profit will be gained. Investment is all about making more profit and be successful in the business world.

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Creating Awareness Through Oncortarget In a Bid To Fight Cancer

Based in the United States of America, Oncortarget is a peer-reviewed open access medical journal that talks about oncology. Oncology is simply a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Its research is mainly on cancerous tumors, how to manage them and treat them if possible especially during the early stages. Oncology basically encompasses three components of dealing with cancer. One is prevention where a person is strictly advised to avoid the causative agents of cancer like tobacco. The second phase involves an early diagnosis of the abnormal growth. This includes screening of common cancers and intensive diagnosis and staging. The last phase is the treatment of the disease. Here the tumor board carries out a lot of discussions about the abnormal growth and how to deal with it. Treatment might also be offered if possible by a comprehensive cancer treatment center.

Oncortarget itself is a term that encompasses molecules, particles cellular functions common in aging and cancer. Furthermore, it also entails neurodegeneration, lymphocytes, neurons, cancer cells, and microbes. The oncortarget journal is published on a weekly basis by Impact Journals. Formed in 2010, Oncortarget is led by a team of experts highly skilled in the various roles they play. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov are some of the top-notch employees at Oncortarget. In fact, the two are the editors in chief of Oncortarget journal which is usually published in English. Mikhail Blagosklonny for one, is a man with great experience and expertise in the field of oncology. He holds an M.D in internal medicine and a Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology from the First Pavlov State University of St. Petersberg, He is a scientist who constantly studies cancer and aging. Formerly, Mikhail Blagosklomy was a professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Oncortarget is devoted to making scientific results widely available and within the shortest time possible. It also aims at doing away with borders between specialties and link different sectors of medical research together as one. Furthermore, Oncortarget allows different researchers from diverse biomedical fields to share their different findings and discoveries.With its ultimate goal, “Life Without Diseases,” in mind, Oncortarget hopes that the journal will constantly help researchers contribute to science and eradicate diseases. Endowed with the great scientists and medical experts, Oncortarget is slowly growing and covering other fields of health. In fact, having had massive success in the previous years, the journal has begun launching sections beyond oncology. Neuroscience, Cardiology, Cell Biology, Metabolism, and Endocrinology are some examples of these sections. Not to forget, Pharmacology, where Oncortarget covers all areas in this particular section.