The CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, Oren Frank has made quite a name for himself as an entrepreneur. Frank founded Talkspace with a vision to make Psychotherapy accessible and affordable to people all over the world. Frank has built Talkspace into a major company that currently has more than one million users across the globe.

Recently Oren Frank and Talkspace made a major move when they decided to hire a a chief medical officer. Talkspace hired Neil Leibowitz to fill this role. Neil had previously worked as the senior medical director at UnitedHealth. The hiring does not come as a major surprise as Talkspace is expanding thinking about a potential IPO.

The addition of Leibowitz should make a major impact. Now Talkspace doctors will be able to prescribe meds as needed. Leibowitz stated that the company has yet to make a decision on excluding certain medications. Psychiatrists on staff will be able to meds through video. Neil Leibowitz ultimate duty will be to build up the corporate side of the business. The goal is to make this equal to have the company’s revenue. A recent partnership with Magellan Health has started this process. Leibowitz is hoping to take it to the next level. Read more about Oren Frank at

Surprisingly Neil Leibowitz was not one hundred percent sold on Talkspace when first offered the position. This is in large part because the move would represent something different for him. His opinion was soon changed after getting to know the product as well the team. The company’s focus on making therapy affordable to anyone with internet access was also an attractive feature. Lack of mental health workers have often been scarce in rural areas. This is a well documented problem Leibowitz wanted to address.

Oren Frank and Talkspace seem to be headed in a good direction. Frank has built the company to a high level. With new moves they appear set for even greater success.