Maarten de Jeu knows a great many things about the field of corporate development and the respected business advisor, and founder of SVM Business Advisory, recently spoke candidly about some of his suggestions for those who work in the corporate development field. The work that Maarten de Jeu has done in this field is extensive and he has an elite list of clients that he has worked with over the years. Beyond leading his SVM Business Advisory since its 2012 creation, he has also done important corporate development work with well-known operations such as TVDK Management Consultants and the respected Aviva firm. The work that Maarten did with these firms served to further add to his impressive wealth of knowledge in international business as well as providing him with further points of professional experience. He now continues to pass his knowledge on to his clients through his SVM Business Advisory. With SVM, Maarten de Jeu serves some of the world’s business leaders and helps them in areas such as corporate development. In terms of his tips that he has for those working in the corporate development field, Maarten has three key points. 


Innovation sits at the top of the list provided by Maarten de Jeu in terms of tips for those working in corporate development. He points out the fact that every industry out there has an inherent need for innovative thinking and innovation in general. Innovating in the area of corporate development is a great way to consider new models for doing business and thinking outside of the box on how a business can be grown. A big part of innovation within the scope of corporate development should include the ability to acquire firms that can bring new things into a business model. Learn more: 


Another point that Maarten de Jeu emphasizes is the importance of building strong relationships as a component of corporate development. Building relationships is such an important part of the business world in general and doing so in the area of corporate development is no exception. Successful professionals within the sphere of corporate development can demonstrate strong confidence but they are also able to inspire other individuals as well.


Staying on top of the game and remaining current at all times is a third point that is made by Maarten de Jeu in terms of the field of corporate development. It is necessary to succeed in any corporate endeavor to stay well aware of all recent trends in your industry as well as having a strong reputation of where your business’s competitors are currently.


Following these sound principles is a recipe for success that has been utilized by Maarten de Jeu over his career. He highly recommends these concepts for others that are working toward high levels of achievement in the field of corporate development.

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