Maarten De Jeu is a known international strategic adviser who has been at the helm of various organizations in the world. He is a corporate development specialist who gives insight into how various organizations can strategically position themselves for growth. He has enabled various companies to achieve success in both the United States and in the European countries. He is a knowledgeable person who has had training in various areas of finance and investment. This explains why he is mostly interested in investment opportunities.


In a recent analysis, Maarten De Jeu highlighted the significant differences between residential real estate and commercial real estate investment. Thousands of investors have remained indifference in this area because they did not have a clue on which type of investment works. It is also worth noting that a significant number of real estate investors have been choosing either residential or commercial real estate without really knowing what to expect. Maarten has cleared the air for many investors, and they can now invest their resources worry-free.


In his analysis, Maarten De Jeu indicates that residential real estates are the property that is specifically used for housing. These are the buildings that are located in rural areas where people live with their families. However, in the last few years, millions of people have moved to urban areas so that they can easily access employment opportunities and other social amenities. The movement of people from rural areas to urban settings has led to the growth of residential real estate properties in major cities around the world.


On the other hand, commercial real estate properties are the types of buildings that are specifically constructed for profit creation. People invest in commercial real estate properties because they want to generate revenues within a short period. Some of the common types of commercial real estate properties include office buildings, restaurants, cinema halls, and shopping malls. Commercial real estate properties serve thousands of people every day. They host various types of businesses that offer various services and products to their customers. Learn more:


Maarten De Jeu continues to highlight that there is a significant difference in the amount invested in commercial and residential real estate properties. For residential units, the house is small and does not include many fixtures. It is meant to meet the needs of the family. The maintenance of such properties is also simple. However, commercial properties such as warehouses and industrial parks demand considerable amounts of money for investment. Much labor, technical expertise, and materials are needed. It is also expensive to maintain commercial properties.


According to Maarten De Jeu, investing in commercial real estate has been difficult and expensive for individual investors. Much capital is needed to construct a shopping mall that meets the building standards in most cities. However, the current changes in-laws are giving commercial investment opportunities to various investors. The fact that equity ownership has been introduced in commercial real estate investment is a welcome benefit to millions of investors. People can now invest in commercial property after pulling resources together.

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