LocationSmart is a LaaS company.

LaaS stands for location as a service. It has become one of the top location as a service companies in the world. Being as massive as they are, they have chosen to expand their reach and technologies into Canda.

LocatinonSmart has a specific carrier network that will expand into Canad. They also will be pushing their other technologies that include short message service and consent management. Geo contextual services will also be apart of this expansion. Ninety percent of subscribers in Canda will have access to this platform.

LocationSmart knows this expansion will pay off major in the end for the company. Canada has a large network of locations and SMS services. The company wants to tap into how many wireless carriers there are that offer all of these services.

The company will have to get consent from people using their service to collect data. Once they get consent they will be able to track mobile devices quickly and will be able to do all of this without any software or applications for the subscriber to download. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

LocationSmart has created their platform with specific features that offer supreme security and privacy controls. Subscribers can rest assured they will be safe when using this location service. LocationSmart platform can be used on devices like feature phone, tablets, smartphone and M2M/IoT.

The platform allows for locations to be accessed in real time with no lag. Many people and businesses will benefit from subscribing to the service. Workforce manage, roadside assistance, gaming compliance and toll free call routing are all features a person or business can do with this platform.

The CEO of LocationSmart is happy to know this expansion is taking place. This expansion allows the company’s services to benefit more people. Mre doors of ample opportunities will be available to customers as they allow this service to do more for the country of Canada. Mobile users will benefit greatly by having so much location and privacy services for personal and professional reasons. Expanding is setting the tone for LocationSmart as they step into the stage of becoming a global company.

LocationSmart has become a leader in a short period of time for creating services that allow devices to connect. As a cloud location service provider, they are able to connect devices through a cross carrier system and create applications that are context aware.

They serve individuals, small businesses, young startups and even Fortune 500 companies. They hope to bring innovation to how cloud location is conducted in many countries around the world.

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