Not everyone is destined to be a successful entrepreneur with the ability to start, own, and manage a business. The absence of entrepreneurial characteristics in a person often results into higher chances of a business failure. Apart from personality, a good environment that supports entrepreneurship is essential to the success of any business. Some countries tend to provide good entrepreneurship environments than others. The United States of America for instance is the top entrepreneurial nation in the whole world. America’s entrepreneurial index is at 82.6 percent. Canada, Australia, and Denmark follow the United States with entrepreneurial indices of 79.5 percent, 78 percent, and 76 percent respectively. America has always been a country of opportunities and her citizens have always been encouraged to do business through imposition of low taxes and entrepreneurial support groups.


People often start small businesses because of their flexibility. These small businesses also provide many employment opportunities to many people and are also responsible for the exportation of many products. Entrepreneurship is often driven by personality. Many entrepreneurs have the wish to have independence and an initiative sense that makes them use their abilities to extreme levels. They work for long hours and even during the weekends to make their businesses succeed. Entrepreneurs in charge of small businesses also have the ability of responding quickly to changes in the environment than big businesses.  For more details you can check out



Successful entrepreneurs dedicate most of their time and resources to their business and are focused more on the success of their business enterprises. Due to the fact that entrepreneurs have complete ownership of their business, are self-employed, and independent, they differ from managers working in large corporations. Hawilla is a successful businessman hailing from Brazil. He is also the founder and owner of Traffic Group. Traffic Group is a sports marketing corporation that operates in many countries. He started working as a sports journalist after his graduation. In 1980, Jose Hawilla joined the business world and founded the Traffic Group, which has grown over the years to be the largest sports marketing business enterprise in Brazil. The intellectual ability, leader instincts, proper communication skills, and risk taking are the recipe for the success of Joe Hawilla in his business venture.




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