Every year as the summer winds down to a close, it’s good to take time to establish a reset to your routine.

The summer months are hot, sultry and a bit lazy, and those lazy days can bring on a bit of a haze as our sleep schedules are disrupted by vacations and family visits. All of this is why it’s smart to make a plan for increasing your mental sharpness with a new fall routine, and with help from Prevagen.

Prevagen is an over-the-counter supplement that uses a special ingredient derived from jellyfish to boost focus and mental sharpness. This, combined with a mentally stimulating routine, can bring you back in full force as the fall season arrives.

Here’s a few tips for getting more sharp with a new routine:

  1. Get to Bed Earlier

Yes, it sounds so simple, but the impact of getting to bed earlier and rising earlier is huge. Often the summer months involve a more care-free attitude about getting to bed, and the late hours can take a toll on our mental focus.

So, try getting to bed a bit earlier each night for a week, and rising earlier accordingly. This early routine will help you feel more in control and clear, for sure. Read more: Prevagan Improves Memory and Regular Strength | CVS and Prevagan Regular Strength Capsules | Walgreens

  1. Get Moving

There’s nothing like a new exercise routine to get the blood pumping and the mind sharp. Exercise is great for circulation and blood flow, which leads to a feeling of well being and clarity. All of this adds up to a boost in brain function and focus, so get to the gym and get moving!

  1. Commit to a New Schedule

Planning out your week in advance with a weekly planner can be a great way to boost mental function. Knowing what’s coming up during the week can help keep us excited about what’s to come and also boost our clarity, so get a planner and work on that schedule.

  1. Take Time Out For You

The stresses of modern life can often make us feel we don’t have enough time to just sit back and rest and restore ourselves. Having some time during the day to sit back, rest and meditate can be very relaxing and also help keep our minds sharp.

No one can go at full tilt all the time, so take some time to keep yourself sharp and restored.

Staying sharp and focused may mean making some changes, but without question, the payoff is worth it.

So take care of you, and get a boot with supplements like Prevagen.

Yes, you’re worth it.

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