Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker, but also an investor. He is currently working with the company, Bainbridge Group, with investments. He does this for commodity and foreign exchange. The investor focuses on educating people about wealth. Cornelsen educates people on passive income and strategies that will generate money. He wanted people to come up with a plan that would help them to earn more and work less.

In 1947, Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil. In 1970, He graduated from the University of Parana with a degree in economics. His very first job was at a bank in Rio. It was part of his requirements for his degree. His degree was a perfect match for his love of math and statistics. After working in the banking industry he opened up an investment agency. His first agency gained new investments and offers after working hard to build them. In 1994, he was invited to join the Board of Governors. Igor Cornelsen agency grew until it was bought by another bank. He went work for Unibanco up until 1985. He worked for another bank called London Chattered Bank where he was promoted to a leadership role. The promotion required him to move to London.

In 1995 his founded Bainbridge. He came up with the idea because of his experience with banking and investments. His company is located in the Bahamas and his team is people who he trained personally for his company. He trained them to identify the best long term investments for his clients.

Igor Cornelsen finds investing in the stock market to be a very simple task. He made many successful investments in unstable economies. He is a well-known investment advisor. He has been an investor for over forty years. Cornelsen and those he taught are fortunate for his experience. Prior to his retirement, he held many leadership positions for different companies.

His advice to other investors are is to have an investment plan that will work. His own strategies worked for him when it comes to investments. He invests in low performing markets that will improve over time. He waits till the businesses in the low markets start doing well to sell his shares.

The investor is keeping busy with training people in ways to make more money. He manages some of Brazil’s biggest banks. This enables him to help with all of the nation’s gross economy. Igor Cornelsen works as a consult for the banking and for investments.