Hussain Sajwani completed his studies at Washington University and quickly got started on his career at the Abu Dhabi Oil Company. While he was working at GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National, Hussain managed to work his way up to a management position. Although Hussain didn’t stay long, he was able to build up his knowledge as a contract manager before starting up his very own company in 1982.

Hussain was one of the first few to jump into the property market and push its expansion throughout Dubai. In the past couple of decades, especially throughout the 90’s, the number of visitors and movers to the Dubai area was drastically increasing. This was an opportunity for Hussain and he started building up new properties and hotels to meet the demands of the increasing population. Hussain used this opportunity to start up a company known as DAMAC Properties, which has become one of the leading property development companies in the region. Today, Hussain is an expert when it comes to finances, administration, legal matters, property acquisition and development, and sale, making him the perfect man to lead DAMAC Properties with new projects. DAMAC has projects in many different countries, including London, Riyadh, and Beirut.

DAMAC properties plays host to more than 2000 employees at present with most of its shares spread throughout the public Dubai market. As far as track records go, no one of the markets can stand toe to toe with DAMAC Properties in luxury property development. DAMAC has been responsible for overseeing more than twenty thousand homes built throughout various stages of construction.

Hussain Sajwani also has a business relationship with the President of the United States and they have both played tribute to each other over the years. During the New Years Eve ceremony, Donald Trump spoke kindly of Hussain as they are both big players in the real estate industry. DAMAC Properties and Donald Trump worked together to create the Trump International Golf Club.

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