JD.com is the single biggest commercial retailer in all of China, as such, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new developments which occur with the site, that is where their corporate blog comes in handy. About corporate blog is sectioned by topic, home, the main page, topics, where one can access the company’s archive of blog posts and company, where one can access information pertinent to the history and function of the company itself, such as a list of investors, their media gallery and contact information.

For those who are primarily interested in reading the writings of JD.com companies stable of writers, at the bottom of every page there is a section labeled ‘Latest Posts’ (directly to the left of the company’s Twitter feed) which lists the four most recent company blog posts, which, when clicked upon, will take the user directly to the named blog post itself.

Clicking on the ‘See All Posts’ to the immediate right of the blog section will take the user to a list of all blog posts, grouped together, regardless of particular subject matter (though they are still ordered by date). To follow updates on the JD corporate blog one can find the company’s social media feeds, including Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, at either at the bottom right of the main page or the upper right portion of the main page. Click here.