Fabletics is an online retailer that sells women’s activewear. The company was founded by actress and noted fitness enthusiast Kate Hudson along with Techstyle Group, a company that has been in the online retail business for a number of years. It grew to being valued as a business worth $250 in it’s first three years and now has started opening retail stores selling their clothing in a number of cities across America.

As a business that relies upon subscriptions, Fabletics sends a box of clothing to its subscribers every month in exchange for a monthly payment. How Fabletics knows what to send you is due to the Lifestyle Quiz that each subscriber fills out. By completing this easy survey Fabletics is able to know what kind of clothing you like and what type of fashion sense you have. By taking the Lifestyle Quiz shoppers can make the website even more convenient than it already is and zero in on what types of activewear will appeal to them.

As Fabletics started out as an online brand they take a different approach when it comes to their retail stores than conventional retailers do. Most retailers fear “showrooming” which is the term for when someone shops in a physical store but then go online to buy what they saw in the store. Fabletics coined their new term “reverse showrooming” which is how many of their member’s shop, seeing something they like online and buying it in the store instead. In truth, Fabletics doesn’t care if someone buys clothing in the retail store or on the website as it’s all a sale to them.

It was in June 2017 that Kate Hudson announced the first collaboration of Fabletics. A new line of clothing is being introduced in their stores and online site that was created in a partnership with Demi Lovato, a pop superstar. When talking about the partnership, Lovato said that she loves the Fabletics clothing and what the company stands for. She likes that it’s an inclusive brand where women of all sizes, ages, and shape can find something that fits them and that they enjoy.

Fabletics was founded on the premise of offering women’s activewear that is not just fashionable but is also of good quality and, very importantly, is affordable to their members. At the time that company was established the brands in this space were very expensive and not terrible fashionable.