When we got the call this month that a dangerous fugitive was in our city, my fellow officers put it all on hold and got right on the case. The reason we suspected the fugitive was spotted in our community was his mother and friends all resided here, and these criminals will eventually fall back into familiar surroundings after being on the run for too long.


The first thing we do in these type cases is let the family know we are on the hunt, and ask for their assistance. We do the same for friends, and then put the word out to informants for any information possible. We did not get even a whisper from the community, so we had to take action in a rather unique way. My team headed to the local prison to get some help from the inmates, knowing they would never say a word when we asked for help.


The reason we went to the jail was because we knew Securus Technologies had chosen this prison as one of 2,600 where they installed their inmate call monitoring system. This allows us to pay closer attention to what the inmates are saying on the phones without having to pressure them to speak. The company CEO, Richard Smith, says his team are all dedicating their time to making the world safe, and we wanted to see things play out that way.


It didn’t take too long for the LBS software to detect some conversations where inmates were taking about our fugitive. One inmate mentioned he was counting the days to his release so he could be reunited with his family, and we knew his family included our fugitive.