Southridge Capital is one of the financial services firms that specialize in corporate finance and real estate. The firm is involved in providing a number of services for corporations that are looking for more effective ways to manage their capital. Southridge Capital also helps these corporations complete mergers and acquisitions. When serving its clients, Southridge Capital uses its expertise to help guide them towards reaching their goals and objectives. The firm was founded in 1996 by longtime finance professional Stephen Hicks. During the last two decades, the firm expanded and now serves clients in both the United States and abroad.


There are a number of ways in which Southridge Capital assists its many clients. Southridge Capital is very active in helping clients complete mergers and acquisitions. The firm regularly works with companies that are looking to raise capital and issue publicly traded stock. Southridge Capital has a number of advisors who will help corporate clients complete the merger and acquisition process more efficiently. As well as helping with mergers and acquisitions, Southridge Capital also helps corporations with financial advisor and balance sheet optimization. These services entail evaluating financial information and giving feedback on how to best manage capital. With Southridge Capital, a number of corporate clients are also able to receive assistance in getting office space through commercial real estate services.


According to PR Newswire, one of the things that has contributed to Southridge Capital’s success has been its leadership. The firm is currently led by its founder and chief executive officer Stephen Hicks. As the chief executive officer of the firm, Stephen is responsible for business development and getting new clients for the firm. Hicks also devises strategies and sets policies for the firm in terms of reaching its unique goals. Stephen has been in the financial services industry for over three decades. During his career, he has been active in things such as arbitrage and investment banking. These experiences have allowed him to develop a considerable amount of expertise which has proven to help his firm’s clients. Right before Hicks started up his own firm, he worked at another firm specializing in hedge funds. When the firm closed down, Hicks decided to open up an independent financial services company that is now Southridge Capital.



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