Dick DeVos is a hard working entrepreneur who has accomplished quite a bit during his life. In the past, he served with Amway as its CEO for close to a decade, and he is now working with the Windquest Group. DeVos is the man who was responsible for a law getting passed in Michigan that has helped to cover the tuition fees of charter schools for low-income families in need. He also helped to pass a law that changed Michigan from a state where a person was required to be a part of a union to secure employment to a right-to-work state where anyone can get a job.


During the 1990s, Dick DeVos helped to put a stop to a bad plan that was being considered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The plan would see a multi-use convention and sports arena built north of the city’s downtown area. DeVos, who just about to become the chief executive officer of Amway, decided to do something about it. He was concerned that building the arena and convention center would be just as bad for the city as a similar event had been bad for Detroit during the 1970s. Detroit had built its own sports arena for its sports teams, but the Pistons and Lions ended up vacating the city after the arena was constructed. This left the city with a huge empty arena but no sports teams to entertain fans.


Dick DeVos didn’t just put a stop to the building of the arena and convention center, he made a move that has continued to help the city since. He got together with a bunch of business leaders from the region who cared deeply about the well being of Grand Rapids. This group has come to be known as Grand Action, and they have helped to construct many important buildings in the city including the DeVos Place Convention Center, Van Andel Arena, and the medical school at Michigan State University. Grand Action continues to work for the best interests of Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos has also helped to improve the educational sector in Grand Rapids. His love for aviation motivated him to build The West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school started out in a little office inside of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport but is now in its own building. In the beginning, there were just 80 students attending the school, but there are now hundreds of young students who are fulfilling their dreams there.


Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, and he has always done his best to help improve the city. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration while attending Northwood University. Today, he continues to do everything in his power to make life easier for his favorite city and the state of Michigan.


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