The progress of OSI Group in China and Asia is one that still dumbfounds most people. As an American company, the successes in the east is one to model after. Speaking to David McDonald, he confirms it wasn’t an easy transition and they have made steady progress over the past 20 years. To achieve optimum results, the company had to spend time understanding the needs of the people and what partners actually wanted. The patience shown by his company and employees was key to the growth of OSI in the east. To build longstanding business relationships, one has to understand the culture, mannerisms and business techniques.

David McDonald maintains that was the major hurdle they faced at the time. Another one was coping with government rules and regulations. Most times, they have to work hand in hand with the governments to find ways in tackling the problem at hand. Sometimes the government might not even understand what they want. According to David McDonald, this takes time and patience to find amicable resolves to issues. They also tried manufacturing in china, but the regulations and rules they faced was also one to work with. Coping with the politics and other regional issues can come into play, but finding a legal way around is what makes a successful company.

They started this journey by appointing Lavin the chief executive in the 70’s, and that has guided their transition till date. The company has now installed about 3 state of the art plants in Asia, in both China and Japan respectively. Lavin was responsible for opening the group up to different continents, like Asia and Europe. Due to his background in banking, he was the best candidate to lead the firm forward. He did that remarkably, and now the group is reaping the rewards. They have established themselves in the eastern market and have become a force to be reckoned with worldwide. OSI group is now a multibillion dollar company and show no sign of stopping anytime soon.

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