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Julie Zuckerberg is the Definition of Great Recruiters

Julie Zuckerberg is a successful business recruiter who focuses on hiring the perfect person to fill key roles at Duetsche Bank. Her success did not come easy, nor did it occur overnight. She started with a desire to attend City University of New York-Brooklyn where she focused on philosophy. That comes in handy, along with her great psychological discipline, for her chosen line of work. She later attended New York Law School to study law. Some of her greatest career lessons were obtained from this school.


The first step to become one of the best recruiters is to understand how to communicate well with others. Once Zuckerberg found her footing in that area, there was no stopping her talent from shining through on a daily basis.


Zuckerberg began her career with Hudson in November of 2002, and remained there for five years. She successfully hired paralegals, case managers and support staff. Upon leaving her position with Hudson, she went to Citi Global Functions as executive recruiter. She was a well-accomplished recruiter of executive positions by the time she moved to a different branch, Citi Global.


In 2013, Zuckerberg moved on as hire recruiting lead and corporate vice-president of New York Life Insurance Company. All of this experience led her to Duetsche Bank, where she was named as executive recruitment lead. She has been at the company for three years and has carved a name for herself as one of the best executive recruiters in the nation. One of the reasons she is so successful is that she has learned to show caring and respect for those she works with, and that takes a person a long way in their career.


Zuckerberg lives in the Manhattan area of New York. Exercise, to include running, is one of her favorite past times. It helps keep her fit and energized, which are key to her success on the job. You might also run into her at a museum as she walks through the great works of art. Art has a calming effect on her, and even executives need to take a little time to relax.


You can find her on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. She uses these sites for work, but also enjoys the more laid-back atmosphere for her personal life. One of her favorite parts of social networking is the ability to share family photos with others. She enjoys technology in all forms, and learning the latest advancements helps her stay on the ball with work and daily life.


Zuckerberg is a very busy woman, so it is difficult for her to carve out time for her personal life. When she does find time to do things away from the office, you might find her in a fine restaurant enjoying her love of unique and tasty cuisine.


She is a well-rounded individual who is a talented photographer and pet owner. Zuckerberg takes great pride in everything she does, as witnessed by her strong work ethic, devoted family life and love of all things pet. Julie excels in nearly everything she tries, and that makes for a great private and business life.


A Crystalline Encounter in Film

Crystal Hunt, a Chinese martial arts film produced and developed in 1991, stars sensational action performer Donnie Yen and is a riveting action thriller set in a world of crime and danger. The film a standard one hour and twenty eight minutes and length and features the classic martial arts moves that Chinese cinema has been popular for.

Crystal Hunt, unlike other Chinese martial arts films, follows a well built and interesting story, which leads Yen on an adventure of thrilling stunts and remarkable camera work. Crystal Hunt was obviously created with the action enthusiast in mind and includes a number of mind-blowing action segments which Donnie Yen successfully performs without any apparent flaws. The camera work and lighting in Crystal Hunt is high quality and more professional then other Chinese produced, making it an excellent choice for late night movie goers who want to spend some time sitting on their couch at home and enjoying a relaxing popcorn flick.

The film should not be mistaken for famed actress Crystal Hunt, who is a golden star actress mainly known for her work on television on One Life to Live. Hunt’s career has taken her to many different avenues in the entertainment industry such as of course her work on television but also through beauty pageantry when she was a child and supporting roles in major Hollywood productions such as the recent Magic Mike XXL, or her famed turn as Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live.

the movie does include many stunts that are similar within other films of the genre it does star a young Donnie Yen and is definitely worth a viewing if you have the time.