Developing a Strong Wikipedia Page

Anyone and everyone that has a platform that deals with the public needs to make a Wiki page, as it is hands down the biggest platform that people go to in order to find information. The fact that Wiki is such a major factor is the fact that there have actually been trends on the site that have indicated who is going to be selected as the next Vice President. In 2008, Sarah Palin was selected to be the Vice President of the Republican party, although there were not too many people at the time that thought this was going to happen. However, a recent article showed that based on the fact that Sarah Palin had well over sixty Wiki edits to her page in the days leading up to the announcement, that she would probably be the pick.

What is so interesting about this is the fact that Tim Kaine had ninety edits to his page in the week that led up to this pick. In both cases, the selected vice president had far more Wikipedia revisions to their pages than other people that were trying to become the next Vice President, which really goes to show how big Wikipedia has become.

Wikipedia has become one of the focal points that most of us use when we want to find out information about something. It is used each and every day, by a massive percentage of people, which is why it is essential to have one of these pages, if you are a person that is well known, or if you have a company of any kind. When people hear about a company, the first thing they are going to do is to get online and see what information they can pull up. More often than not, these searches land people on a Wiki page and most people that are looking up such information will give validation to a person or a company that has a legit Wiki page. Based on the fact that it is so important to be relevant on Wiki, it is a good idea to hire a Wikipedia expert, such as the professionals at Get Your Wiki to help build you a page that is going to serve you well.