MB2 Dental ordered to pay $8.5 Million in False Dental Insurance Claims

Every year, the federal and state governments lose billions of dollars from false insurance claims. Most of these claims are made by practitioners that haven’t offered the services that they claim to offer.

This year, in the state of Texas alone, more than 21 practices have been taken to task to explain some of the claims that they have made with all of them being ordered to repay the money that they have embezzled. According to White Pages, MB2 Dental is among the practices that the state has ordered to make a payment.

MB2 is a dental services company that serves more than 19 affiliated practices. The company was created to help their practices handle the business side of the practice. The services which they offer include helping the company make their insurance claims, getting the right staff to assist at the practice and many other related services.

The Northern Texas State Attorney claims that the claims that MB2 Dental made were made between 2009 and 2014. He further states that upon investigation, it was discovered that most of the claims were not related to any offered services.

He stated that the organization was found guilty of having used wrong Medicaid provider numbers and violating the anti-kickback law. The claims that were made by the company were mainly related to pediatric practices.

In addition to the total amount that will be paid by the practice, the main management team of the company which includes Drs. Christopher Villanueva, Trung Minh Tang, Mauricio Dardano, Gabriel Shahwan and Akhil Reddy will each be expected to pay an additional $250,000 as personal liability in the claims. Learn more about MB2 Dental: http://mb2dental.com/about-mb2/leadership-team/

The head of marketing for the company, Frank Villanueva will also be expected to pay $100000 which will go towards the resolution of the same case.

The company agreed to pay the settlement to demonstrate their good will and also their commitment to protect the Medicaid program. Frank reiterated the commitment of the company to deal with programs that are family friendly.

He stated that the company has learned from the many mistakes that happened and hoped that they would not be repeated in the future.

The attorney hoped that in future, more people would be committed towards the protection of the Medicaid program.