Edisoft Inc.: Providers of Excellent Technology Solutions

In business, many challenges exist between storage, distribution, and delivery of products. A well-functioning supply chain system is essential to ensure total quality management.

Edisoft company offers Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platform, thereby assisting manufacturers and distributors conduct business efficiently. With data being a phenomenal asset, the company incorporates a reliable software that streamlines data to facilitate accuracy in production and distribution. Edisoft delivers optimal and automatic Vendor Compliance, management of carriers and godowns in a perfectly harmonized system.


Edisoft Incorporated is an international company that has its main offices in Toronto, Canada. It has another office in Miami, State of Florida, U.S.A. it serves clients all over the world.

For a company that values total quality management, Edisoft Inc. provides efficient services that improve the performance of the supply chain in an organization. Edisoft collects data from all relevant parties and utilizes the data to establish a regular and flawless flow of activities within the stipulated timelines.

Supply Chain Structure

The supply chain structure comprises of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and contractors. Supply chain management involves the smooth flow of information and products between the relevant stakeholders.

Production- goods are produced in a given amount of time as per set procedures and guidelines (LinkedIn). They are then packaged.

Storage- this involves storing goods in warehouses before transiting to the consumer.

Distribution-goods are moved from one point to another before they finally end up in the consumer’s hands.

Technological advancement in the supply chain has improved coordination of supply activities and tapping vital information from business premises.

Value-addition of Edisoft in logistics

The internet of things has improved communication and performance with a minimal requirement of human labor. By efficient management of data, institutions can keep track of inventory to ensure goods are delivered to consumers in the right quality and within the given timelines. Edisoft uses the ERP system in data management. Its software creates key performance indicators that are used to guide organizations in production and delivery of quality products. Not only does the platform given by Edisoft reduce wastage of time, but also highlights loopholes that can be taken care of immediately.

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