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Marc Beer Bringing a New Dawn to Biotech

There more than 7000 rare diseases that affect more than 350 million people around the world. For the longest time now, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors had neglected these rare diseases as they deemed them not to be economically feasible to try and find a cure. Today, this is not the case thanks to the entrepreneur and biopharma industry expert Marc Beer. As an entrepreneur, he is the Founder of ViaCell, which he should to PerkinElmer, and Renovia, his current venture. He is also the CEO and Chairman of Renovia.


A New Dawn


This accomplished biopharma entrepreneur and industry expert have been committed to bringing a new dawn to the sector. From his first entrepreneurial venture, ViaCell, he has been keen on finding treatments for rare diseases that have been neglected by mainstream biopharma companies. He founded ViaCell in 2000 and led the company to become a biotechnology industry-leader in addressing rare disorders.


ViaCell focused on collecting umbilical cord blood stem cells and preserving them for the development of treatments for different diseases. By 2005, this company had grown to have more than 300 employees, and Marc Beer decided to take it public. In 2007, he sold the company to PerkinElmer for $300 million. This move ushered him to the next phase of his entrepreneurial endeavor.


Focusing on Women’s Health


In 2016, Marc Beer, together with his partners, Yolanda Lorie and Ray Iglesias, founded Renovia. This is a med-tech company that is based in Boston and focuses on women’s health. Renovia is committed to developing therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for women’s health complications.


The idea for Renovia came to Marc after he received a call from Dr. Ray Iglesias, a top-notch gynecologist with more than 35 years of experience performing pelvic floor surgeries. Ray wanted his helping in finding a solution that would help women with pelvic floor disorders avoid surgery. After founding Renovia, the first product that they released was a device that would be the first-line diagnosis and treatment for pelvic floor disorders. The FDA approved this device in April 2018, and the company is currently working on an upgraded version.


In the United States alone, pelvic disorders like urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and fecal incontinence affect up to 25% of women. The numbers are much worse in developing countries where most women can’t access quality medical care. Marc Beer hopes that through Renovia, he can make a difference in the lives of women across the world.


About Marc


This entrepreneur has been in the biopharma sector for more than three decades, and most of this time, he spent as a business executive specializing in the development and commercialization of biotechnology. Marc Beer graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Business degree in 1987. After his graduation, he went on to work for various companies before becoming an entrepreneur. Learn more:


Besides entrepreneurship, Marc is also a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council. In addition to this, he has previously served as a Notre Dame Graduate Studies Research Advisory Council and Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee board member.

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Marc Beer – A Leader in Health Advancements for Women

Entrepreneurship is not for the light-hearted. Creating a business and keeping it afloat takes talent, skill, dedication, resilience, and requires a certain type of person who is willing to take accountability and constantly be challenged by the changing markets. Marc Beer has proven himself, over the last twenty-five years, to be a person who possesses these traits. Beer has served as chairman, as a CEO, as a member of the board of directors, as a marketer, as a salesman, and really anything in between. If it’s a part of growing and managing a business, then most likely Beer has completed that task for multiple different businesses. Graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science at the University of Miami in 1987, Beer’s efforts in the software industry and kept him ahead of the game and moving quickly forward for his entire career.


Perhaps what is the most impressive though, is that Beer has stayed this involved in his businesses while also raising his children all on his own, since his wife passed suddenly at the young age of 42. Beer spent a few years at home raising his kids until he found his balance and returned back to the workforce. These two years away did not stop him, it did not even slow him down. He went immediately into beginning a new business for himself, this business was Renovia. Renovia is a business that focuses on women’s health, and this is definitely something crucial and important to America’s well being.


Beginning with a call from a gynecologist, Beer had an idea. He saw a gap in the health industry and, while raising a daughter of his own, decided this was something necessary and vital to the growth of America’s health industry. The research conducted through his business helps discover, diagnose, and treat pelvic floor disorders, which can become very dangerous for women. Currently, 25% of women suffer from this disease, and the cost to seek treatment is almost immobilizing. Truth be told, Beer is dedicating himself to a business that looks out for women, supports women, and addresses the medical concerns that some choose to avoid. He and his ideas are much needed to support feminist times.


Not only is his business good-hearted and dedicated to the wellbeing of others, but Beer is also known for giving back to the community through his speeches and advice on building your own business. Beer knows the entrepreneurship is no easy feat and has spoken on several occasions in an attempt to inform and inspire others to pursue their goals and dreams as well. He gives advice on learning from failure, creating a stable financial plan, logical thinking process, and much more. With his knowledge being shared with the up and coming, the entire community has a chance to grow together. Learn more:


Beer continues to create, fund, and support technologies dedicated to improving and enhancing the lives of those who need medical advancements, and the entire market looks forward to what he will come up with next.

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Maarten De Jeu Discusses the Prevailing Differences between Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investment

Maarten De Jeu is a known international strategic adviser who has been at the helm of various organizations in the world. He is a corporate development specialist who gives insight into how various organizations can strategically position themselves for growth. He has enabled various companies to achieve success in both the United States and in the European countries. He is a knowledgeable person who has had training in various areas of finance and investment. This explains why he is mostly interested in investment opportunities.


In a recent analysis, Maarten De Jeu highlighted the significant differences between residential real estate and commercial real estate investment. Thousands of investors have remained indifference in this area because they did not have a clue on which type of investment works. It is also worth noting that a significant number of real estate investors have been choosing either residential or commercial real estate without really knowing what to expect. Maarten has cleared the air for many investors, and they can now invest their resources worry-free.


In his analysis, Maarten De Jeu indicates that residential real estates are the property that is specifically used for housing. These are the buildings that are located in rural areas where people live with their families. However, in the last few years, millions of people have moved to urban areas so that they can easily access employment opportunities and other social amenities. The movement of people from rural areas to urban settings has led to the growth of residential real estate properties in major cities around the world.


On the other hand, commercial real estate properties are the types of buildings that are specifically constructed for profit creation. People invest in commercial real estate properties because they want to generate revenues within a short period. Some of the common types of commercial real estate properties include office buildings, restaurants, cinema halls, and shopping malls. Commercial real estate properties serve thousands of people every day. They host various types of businesses that offer various services and products to their customers. Learn more:


Maarten De Jeu continues to highlight that there is a significant difference in the amount invested in commercial and residential real estate properties. For residential units, the house is small and does not include many fixtures. It is meant to meet the needs of the family. The maintenance of such properties is also simple. However, commercial properties such as warehouses and industrial parks demand considerable amounts of money for investment. Much labor, technical expertise, and materials are needed. It is also expensive to maintain commercial properties.


According to Maarten De Jeu, investing in commercial real estate has been difficult and expensive for individual investors. Much capital is needed to construct a shopping mall that meets the building standards in most cities. However, the current changes in-laws are giving commercial investment opportunities to various investors. The fact that equity ownership has been introduced in commercial real estate investment is a welcome benefit to millions of investors. People can now invest in commercial property after pulling resources together.

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Smita Shah On Her Career

Not many people can say they went from being a grad student to the owner of their own business in just a few short years but Smita Shah is one of the few who can. As an inspiration to many, there are quite a few people out there wondering how she got her start in the business world which is exactly why she sat down for a nice chat with Steve Cochrane. In this radio interview, she mentions that her academic career began when she first matriculated at Northwestern. It was there that she began excelling in her courses and graduated at the top of her class just a few short years later. Upon the receipt of her bachelor’s degree, she moved to Massachusetts so she could pursue a master’s degree in civil engineering at MIT. 

During her time in grad school, she was lucky enough to be accepted into a prestigious white house internship program where she worked for the office of the chief of staff in DC. Upon successful completion of the internship, she went on to graduate and accept a job offer at a company known as SOM. She only worked there for about a year before making the conscious decision to become the founder and CEO of Spaan Tech, a business that is now over 20 years old and has been flourishing since 1998. When she first opened this new organization, she wasn’t that invested in its success but now she realizes the importance of ensuring the company thrives for years to come. 

This is especially true because of the fact that she now has a significant amount of employees working under her so she recognizes the need to support them and their families. When she first started this new business, her primary goal was to bring together a bunch of talented people to create exciting new innovative projects and help the community at large. She has now succeeded in this goal but she still asserts that females have quite a way to go in the workplace as women are heavily underrepresented throughout the field of math and science. This is why she stresses the importance of women helping each other in order to get ahead in their respective fields. She’s also happy that the female student population is 47% at MIT. Learn more:

When she first started her own business, she wasn’t sure if this company was going to be a big success but decided to go for it anyway. She knew if she ended up failing, she could always go to work at a different company, and if she happened to turn this small business into a thriving enterprise, many young women would look up to her for generations to come. One of the main goals of the company is to work with local communities to build highways, bridges, and railroads to keep the community thriving. They also specialize in providing lighting for towns and cities such as stoplights, airport runways, and various emergency lights.

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Maarten De Jeu Has Profound Advice On Areas That Are Important To Those Working In The Corporate Development Field:

Maarten de Jeu knows a great many things about the field of corporate development and the respected business advisor, and founder of SVM Business Advisory, recently spoke candidly about some of his suggestions for those who work in the corporate development field. The work that Maarten de Jeu has done in this field is extensive and he has an elite list of clients that he has worked with over the years. Beyond leading his SVM Business Advisory since its 2012 creation, he has also done important corporate development work with well-known operations such as TVDK Management Consultants and the respected Aviva firm. The work that Maarten did with these firms served to further add to his impressive wealth of knowledge in international business as well as providing him with further points of professional experience. He now continues to pass his knowledge on to his clients through his SVM Business Advisory. With SVM, Maarten de Jeu serves some of the world’s business leaders and helps them in areas such as corporate development. In terms of his tips that he has for those working in the corporate development field, Maarten has three key points. 


Innovation sits at the top of the list provided by Maarten de Jeu in terms of tips for those working in corporate development. He points out the fact that every industry out there has an inherent need for innovative thinking and innovation in general. Innovating in the area of corporate development is a great way to consider new models for doing business and thinking outside of the box on how a business can be grown. A big part of innovation within the scope of corporate development should include the ability to acquire firms that can bring new things into a business model. Learn more: 


Another point that Maarten de Jeu emphasizes is the importance of building strong relationships as a component of corporate development. Building relationships is such an important part of the business world in general and doing so in the area of corporate development is no exception. Successful professionals within the sphere of corporate development can demonstrate strong confidence but they are also able to inspire other individuals as well.


Staying on top of the game and remaining current at all times is a third point that is made by Maarten de Jeu in terms of the field of corporate development. It is necessary to succeed in any corporate endeavor to stay well aware of all recent trends in your industry as well as having a strong reputation of where your business’s competitors are currently.


Following these sound principles is a recipe for success that has been utilized by Maarten de Jeu over his career. He highly recommends these concepts for others that are working toward high levels of achievement in the field of corporate development.

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Smita Shah-Providing an Example for All Women

As the role of entrepreneurs grow within today’s business markets, the trend of female owned startups has also increased. While this uptake is a fantastic step for women in the workplace, it still stands that role models for female entrepreneurship is scarce. Smita Shah hopes to change all of that. With her success as a female business owner, and her position within a typical male dominated industry, Shah is paving the way for women and young girls to embark on their own journeys and providing a mentor in the process.


Smita Shah had always shown exceptional prowess even at an early age. As a young girl, she focused on solving complex math equations while her peers will engage in sports. She earned a reputation as a math whiz learned how to apply these skills to various social situations as well. In 1998, she founded the technical engineering firm SPAAN Tech, Inc. This highly successful firm has afforded Smita Shah the opportunity to embark upon an even greater venture, helping other women realize their dreams in the business world.


According to Shah, the biggest hurdle for women in business is self-image. Women are geared in society to compare themselves to other women throughout their lives. This, combined with a lack of female entrepreneur examples, leaves many women feeling weak and lacking confidence in their own skills and abilities. Smita Shah knows through her experience that the challenges that women face in the business world are different from those encountered by their male counterparts. And thusly, women need female mentors that have overcome those challenges to serve as an example that the effort is worth the struggle. This is a gap that Smita Shah has made her mission to fill. Learn more:


Within her work to becoming a successful female entrepreneur, Smita Shah recognizes that there are a few key factors women should focus on within their struggle. First, believe in oneself and one’s abilities. Too many times the lack of self confidence is what holds women back from even acknowledging what they want, let alone actually trying to attain their goals. Shah recommends that maintain a strong conviction in oneself can make a huge difference in how one sees the future and its possibilities. She also explains that once a women’s skill and value is established, it must be upheld at all costs. Women need to exert themselves when they can and trust that their experience and talent will shine through. They also need to ensure they receive the credit that is deserved when reaching a success within their business career. Too often, women will not speak up when another person takes credit for the work she has done within a project or venture.


Smita Shah also recommends a separation between personal and professional lives by managing one’s time effectively. She believes that there is a time and place to work hard and sacrifice. However, Shah also knows there are times when it is best to delegate work to those colleagues that are competent enough to handle the work. Maintaining a healthy balance of work and home life can alleviate pressure and stress. In addition, it may provide an opportunity for another female in the workplace to shine and be recognized for her own talent, thus paying the compliment forward for all women in business.

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Toyo Setal: A reliable and Professional Company

Sometimes in business one may find themselves in situations where they bite off more than they can chew. You may have a grand idea for creating a new segment for your business, but don’t have the necessary skills to achieve the goals set out. This is where one should turn to a company like Toyo Setal. They are professionals who manage projects and implement strategies to help them come to fruition for an affordable price. The work they do is respectable and they constantly are giving the correct advice for the business owner in various complex fields. These may include things such as oil and gas, mining, steelwork, and infrastructure.

Toyo Setal Procures, constructs and commissions professionals to work for any business setting around the globe. They have proven their success in the competitive industry through consistent results that are to be trusted and admired. When choosing the right company for the job, it’s important to see if they have any accomplishments that back up their claims. Toyo Setal has earned many awards including the “Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Projects” medal. They achieved this by upgrading and implementing next-generation software to aid in the increasing demands of modern projects.

It can be hard to keep up with the times, but Toyo Setal has set out to understand even the most complex projects at a fundamental level. Software isn’t the main component of the company though. It takes a highly skilled and knowledgable team to achieve the results they are known worldwide for. Everything stems from the hiring of trained professionals who work together and are results-driven to the highest degree of practicality and basic understanding. Toyo Setal will manage a proper strategy for any construction project and will supply any business with the right resources for the job. They will get to know you and your business on a personal level to ensure that you are always treated with the utmost respect and dignity. They will make sure that the job is done right no matter how hard the project may be in the long run regarding complexity.


The Business Career of Marc Beer

Nowadays, Marc Beer is known as a successful CEO and businessman but things weren’t always going so smoothly for him. So how did he first get his start in the business field? Well, it all started back in 1983 when he first enrolled at Miami University. Upon graduation with a BS in Business, he started his career by accepting a position at a company called Abbott. During his six-year tenure there, he served as the director of development and sales training. Over the years, he managed to work his way up in his field and establish himself as one of the most adept businessmen in America. This eventually led to him becoming the founder and CEO of his own company known as Viacell, a business dedicated to preserving stem cells in an effort to find cures. 

First founded in 2000, the company found immense success and eventually went public five years later. However, by 2007, he had already sold the company and was looking to move on to bigger and better things. Before he could, however, tragedy struck the Beer family. It seems his wife suffered from a pulmonary embolism and this resulted in her devastating demise. After the torturous mourning process, he became a stay-at-home dad to look after his three kids and ensure that they were well-cared for. However, it wasn’t long before his daughter made him realize that the business world needed him and he soon jumped back into the game by starting a new enterprise called Renovia in 2016. 

Based out of Boston, the company focuses on developing and commercializing medical equipment that can help potentially save the lives of countless sick people around the world. It’s making quite an impact already as some of the disorders they’re seeking to treat effect nearly a quarter of women around the nation. Some of the diseases include endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and interstitial cystitis. Of course, he doesn’t take any of this success for granted and he has said repeatedly that, at the end of the day, his primary goal is to give back to the community as much as he can and help as many people as possible through his various business practices and products. 

Of course, he had to go through a lot to get to where he is today. For a while, he was working at companies such as Biostar Inc and Genzyme where he worked in the marketing department to help promote their line of products. He has also provided advice to future aspiring entrepreneurs by telling them to always have a good financial strategy, focus on giving back to those in need and to always be willing to make compromises for the greater good. Learn more:

James River Capital CEO Paul Saunders’s Insights On Securing Funding for Startups

When great ideas strike, the next thing to think about is how to implement the idea. Obviously, idea implementation will involve finances and investors may not give you money to implement the idea just because it is a brilliant idea. It is important for entrepreneurs to explore multiple avenues of funding to have multiple choices to choose from. Paul Saunders is highly experienced in securing funding for companies and the following are funding strategies he used to grow his business. The first way you can get funding for your business is through bootstrapping, funding your business through credit cards, personal savings, or borrowing. While this way may not give you the entire capital you need to start a business, it is a good place to start for budding entrepreneurs. You will want to have some money to prove to investors that you’ve contributed to the business. Crowdfunding is another strategy which entrepreneurs are taking advantage of to get funding for their businesses. It involves a group of people contributing money to support an idea.


The contributors don’t expect to be paid back but they are enticed by small perks to contribute money. Business loans is another common source of capital for starting a business. There are numerous types of business loans including Small Business Administration loans and bank loans. You can choose from the variety of types of loans available to get the best deal. One type of loan that might interest you is a local loan. A local loan may involve you going to your business development center where you will meet entrepreneurs and other investors. At the center, you will receive loan information that will prove helpful. Other sources of funding common today include angel investors, venture capitalists, and trading equity. You will need information on these options to get funding without compromising your interests. Learn more:


Funding experts such as Paul Saunders will tell you that getting funding is an uphill task. Persistent entrepreneurs only turn out successful in bringing their ideas to life. If you fail at securing funding through one source of funding, go back to the drawing board and strategize again. According to Paul Saunders, you should find out the type of company that you’re looking to establish before deciding on the best resources that fit your needs. You can also be successful like Saunders who built a business for more than two decades helping it to grow through the path of profitability. Paul Saunders is the Founder, Chairman, as well as CEO of James River Capital, a Richmond-based investment advisory firm. The company offers a variety of services including commodity trading, advisory, and investment management. Founded in 1995, the company is registered as a commodity trading advisor with the SEC as well as a commodity pool operator with the CFTC.

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Marc Beer Is An Innovator In Medicine

Marc Beer has been leading innovative companies in the medical field since the 1990s. During this time, these companies have developed and marketed several different products that have changed the lives of those who take them. While he may not be the one who is actually creating these treatments and devices, he is responsible for things such as securing funding. As the Chief Executive Officer of Renovia, a company that was launched in 2016, he has already seen one of their products get approved and marketed for pelvic floor disorder and are expecting more to get approval in the near future. Not only is Marc Beer the Chief Executive Officer of Renovia, but he is also a co-founder of the company that focuses on pelvic floor disorders.


He made the decision to start Renovia after being approached by a medical doctor named Dr. Sam Pulliam who wanted to be able to develop products to diagnose and treat pelvic floor disorders, something that impacts around 13 million women in the United States alone. Dr. Sam Pulliam and Dr. Jose Bohorquez wanted to develop a different approach to pelvic floor disorders that didn’t involve surgery and this was the basis of starting Renovia. Marc Beer then helped these doctors get the funding that they needed for the first round of research and development. After the idea and evidence were presented, Marc Beer was convinced to start the company.


Renovia is still in its very early stages and has not been able to turn a profit just yet, but Marc Beer says that this is a normal part of the business process as they are still very new as a company. While they may not be profitable just yet, Marc Beer was able to gather another considerable round of financing for the business to get more products from their pipeline completed and taken to market where they can help the women who have these disorders and are looking for options that don’t involve surgery. Renovia has some dedicated and intelligent people as part of their team and he has confidence in what his company has to offer both patients and investors. He predicts that it will start being profitable in around a decade after it was first formed.


When it comes to marketing, things are done a bit differently than with other products. In the end, Marc Beer states that a prescription is needed which is why most of the marketing is done directly to medical professionals and not the patient themselves. In order to do this, they have paid for outreach programs and they are ready to change the approach they are using whenever it may or may not be needed. Learn more: