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Tim Ioannides Supports a New Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in modern times, but for a while, most treatments only consisted of invasive surgeries or unpleasant chemotherapy. However, some new research has shown that vaccinations might be a surprisingly effective way of dealing with skin cancer. According to Dr. Tim Ionnaides, renowned medical dermatologist, a fascinating case involving a 100 year old woman with squamous cell skin tumors shows how vaccines can treat skin cancer.

Dr. Anna Nichols, dermatologist and skin cancer specialist, got the patient’s permission to try using HPV vaccinations. The HPV vaccine is a type of vaccination that has previously been used to prevent cervical cancer. There has recently been a large number of HPV vaccine patients reporting that their preexisting skin cancers were reduced after using the vaccine to prevent HPV. Since the vaccine does not have side effects, the elderly patient agreed to try it.

Tim Ioannides started with a few experimental injections of the vaccine, and her doctors were pleased to report the skin tumor was shrinking. After six injections spread over the course of a year, the tumors had vanished altogether. Dr. Ionnaides explains that the vaccine seems to be effective because the human papilloma virus affects the body’s production of skin cells and causes overgrowth of these cells.

Doctors theorize that the vaccine’s ability to inhibit skin cell overgrowth may also be affecting the mechanism that causes skin cancer to develop. The exact way that the vaccine is curing skin cancer is not fully understood yet, but doctors hope to do more in depth research and treatment trials. They hope that they may one day use this valuable information to cure cancer.

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Dr. Walden’s Reviews Are Impressive: 5 Out of 5 Stars

You can see everything there is to see on a cosmetic surgeon’s page while doing your research, from before and after pictures to well-documented descriptions of the process, but nothing really strikes a chord like peer reviews. After all, who can you really trust but the people who have already gone through what you hope to go through and where you hope to do it?


Dr. Jennifer Walden’s reviews are nothing short of extremely impressive.

Who is Dr. Jennifer Walden? Dr. Walden is a cosmetic surgeon who practices a number of plastic surgeries from labiaplasty to breast augmentations. She runs a medical practice and three medical spa’s as well as takes part in her personal journey with philanthropy and being a mother.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable surgeon who listens and hears what you have to say, Dr. Jennifer Walden’s reviews assure you that you will be getting nothing short of the best.

“Dr. Walden was very professional and honest about what I could expect from my procedure. I liked that she listened to what I wanted and answered all of my questions and concerns.”

Dr. Jennifer Walden also does corrections of others’ surgery.

“After having a mastectomy/augmentation that I was very unhappy with. I visited Dr. Jennifer Walden; she did an amazing job correcting the issues I was so unhappy with. I would highly recommend her. She is an amazing Plastic Surgeon and her Staff are Awesome.”

Even her clients doctors and husbands send their regards for her good work!

“This is a follow up to a review I gave Dr. Walden just after my breast implant surgery in August 2013. Since it’s now been almost 8 months since my surgery, my implants have had the opportunity to “settle in” and I’ve pretty much forgotten about them, they just seem like a natural, beautiful part of me, like they’ve always been there. Recently however, I went for my annual breast exam at my OBGYN, the first since my implant surgery, and during the exam the nurse told me that she “sent her compliments to my surgeon for having done a beautiful job.” That my implants felt so natural and it was quite easy for her to feel my natural breast tissue. Then just a few days later, my husband said something very similar…that my breasts felt so natural and that he thought my breasts were just gorgeous. Hey, what more can I ask for?! My doctor and my husband sending their compliments, all in one week! I am truly thankful for the beautiful work Dr. Walden did and while I continue to be more than pleased with Dr. Walden’s excellent work! I am so glad I made the decision to have implants and the decision to use Dr. Walden as my surgeon. She did a gorgeous job!”