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Nitin Khanna Providing Long- term Health Solutions

Nitin Khanna is known for his investments in the Cannabis sector, music, and even in the consultation sector. Over the years he has served at Saber Corporation, Merger and even at Oregon Company providing his skills and knowledge. Nitin Khanna service in these companies has led to his recognition across the globe.

Also, Nitin Khanna serves at CuraCannabis; this firm deals with the provision of various Cannabis products such as Oil and Cartilages. Since Khanna invested in CuraCannabis, there has been an extensive expansion in terms of land used for growth and the number of employees. His primary objective is ensuring that CuraCannabis is the largest supplier of Cannabis products across the United States.

CuraCannabis has already established offices in Nevada, California, and Oregon serving thousands of clients with Cannabis oil and other products. According to Nitin Khanna, this is the best time to provide CBD consumers with high-quality products that will meet all their expectations.

Nitin Khanna has taken the initiative to work closely with the employees, ensuring that they have planted Cannabis plant organically with no chemicals; hence, the final products have no psychoactive high. The expansion aims of Nitin Khanna are becoming a reality since the company has managed to gain trust and confidence of their customers across the world.

Benefits of CuraCannabis

Nitin Khanna has partnered with many retailers to supply Marijuana across the world, ensuring their customers benefit greatly. Nitin Khanna has guaranteed to provide painkillers and solutions for people in need to relax.

Through the CBD oils, consumers can deal with sleeping issues, anxiety, inflations, and pain killers. The solutions are for any time of the day. In the morning CBD provides peppermint, and in the afternoon there is grapefruit for revival for the evening they use Lavender which aids in relaxation.

Nitin Khanna has provided solutions to his customers using natural products; hence, there are no side effects. He is devoted to creating a better world where people can rely on plants as medicines and long term solutions. All CBD products are tested, and before being sold to the customers, they have to be approved by health-related companies. Khanna`s legacy prevails across the world for his long-term contributions.

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Carsten Thiel: BioChemist And Business Genius

Carsten Thiel is a world leader in biopharmaceutical medicine. Aside from being one of Europe’s greatest pharmaceutical marketing geniuses, Carsten Thiel is also an ethical person who works to better the lives of other people.

By launching weight loss products like Xenical, which sold more than 1 billion Swiss Francs in its first year, Carsten has always been faced with decisions in the biochemistry industry and has a talent for making choices that will eventually better the lives of many patients.

As well as being a genius for the making of pharmaceutical products to better the world, Carsten also has a knack for bringing them to the market in the best way possible to ensure that the product sells effectively. Because not everyone is going to fall for the ‘Get skinny fast!’ scheme.

Carsten Thiel is currently the President of EUSA Pharma where he continues to bring good to the world in the biopharmaceutical world.

With his current focus at EUSA being oncology and rare disease, Carsten is a has a knack for medical marketing and leads by example by giving innovative treatments where needed, and showing the industry that making medicine and money isn’t what it’s all about.

With a passion for helping the life of the patient, Carsten relies on ethics and instinct to yield the results that he needs out of his work. With a working history from other pharmaceutical companies like Alexion Pharmaceuticals and Amgen, Carsten is a fit role for his position as President of the EUSA.

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James Reese: Vowing to Protect the Public From Security Threats Through TigerSwan

Individuals who are identified with the military are having issues going back to their civilian life. They could not adjust easily, and they are facing different challenges attributed to their military service. However, one man – James Reese – managed to break through all of the problems associated with e-military forces and established a business for him to manage. Based in North Carolina, TigerSwan is becoming one of the fastest-growing firms that offer security services. The company recently expanded overseas, providing security services in an international level. James Reese stated that the reason why he established his company is because he wanted to be an example for service-disabled veterans that there is still life after the military.

James Reese served the United States military for twenty-five years. He also learned different skills and abilities while still in the military, and he was able to use it outside by providing security services to anyone who might need it. His training at the military allowed him to become a commander, and he is using the skills effectively. By creating a business that focuses on providing security to their clients, TigerSwan started to receive more clients, especially with the global security threat increasing day after day. Most of the attacks that are being carried out in the West are making the people feel less secure, and companies like TigerSwan provides a sense of security for those who are living in these areas. James Reese stated that their company is ready to respond whenever a threat to security has been identified, and they have a lot of resources that they can uses to protect the people.

TigerSwan, under the leadership of James Reese, has grown drastically over the years, and today, they are doing their best to inform the public about their existence and the services that they provide. The company is also growing in terms of employment, and as of 2019, TigerSwan have around 300 individuals working under different roles. There are ex-military personnel, people who worked in law enforcement, and civilians who are working together to achieve a common goal – to protect the public from different threats on a global scale.

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Petrobras Awarded Its Hydrogen Plant Construction To Toyo Setal

Petrobras, one of the energy providers in Brazil, award one of its biggest project to Toyo Setal, one of the biggest industrial enterprises in the country. Two Hydrogen units are created at the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex or COMPARE. The project is successfully finished by 2016 and has been in operation since then.

The Petrobras Hydrogen Plant project was awarded to Toyo Setal last 2013 and created in the city of Itaborai in Rio de Janeiro. An estimate of R$ 1.2 billion was given. These Hydrogen Plant units is a part of the COMPERJ project, one of the most important projects of Petrobras. Toyo Setal was in charge of the project design, equipment, and materials used. Besides these tasks, the company was also tasked for civil works, electromechanical assembly, testing, commissioning, and departure assistance.

After a couple of years in construction starting 2013, this massive project was finished in May 2016. With the two hydrogen project finished, its aim is to help Petrobras in supplying the growing needs for petrochemicals and light oils. After the conclusion of the Hydrogen plant project, the two refineries are expected to generate up to 165,000 barrels per day.

Toyo Setal is the joint partnership of Japanese engineering firm, Toyo and Brazil’s own Setal Oil and Gas. Toyo acquired 50% of Setal Oil and Gas last 2012. Before the acquisition, Toyo already experienced working with SOG on different projects such as COMPER and a project in Sao Jose do Norte. The company is also known for promoting sustainability, rallying ways to grow without depleting natural resources. In fact, the company believes that natural resources should be preserved in order to be used for future generations.

Both Toyo and Setal Oil Gas has one main objective, which is to contribute to the growth and development of the country, including the development of industries and the national economy. After the joint partnership of Toyo and SOG, Toyo Setal Empreendimentos (TSE) and Estaileros do Brasil or EBR were created. While TSE is focused on the implementation of terrestrial industrial complexes, the EBR is focused on the operations of oil and gas including exploration, treatment and transportation of the commodity.

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Reasons to use Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Hyland’s teething tablets provide parents with a safe, fast-acting solution for teething pain and oral discomforts experienced by babies and children. Hyland’s, a 100-year old, well-respected company, sells a variety of homeopathic health solutions for kids and adults. The Hyland’s teething tablets are among their most popular products. Hyland’s is the #1 homeopathic brand out there today and parents know they can trust the name, whether buying Hyland’s teething tablets or other products.

Why is it the Hyland’s teething tablets that parents turn to for their infants and toddlers? There is an endless number of benefits that come when the Hyland’s teething tablets are in the medicine cabinet, including:

– Fast relief for teething pain, swollen gums, and other oral concerns

– No dyes or parabens

– Contains naturally-acting ingredients

– Safe to use daily

– Safe enough to offer to newborns

These benefits are only some of the many that you can experience when using the teething tablets for your infant. Hyland’s has been around for over 100-years now, so it’s safe to say they know how to create valuable products that serve your needs perfectly.

Just place one of the Hyland’s teething tablets in the baby’s mouth and allow it to dissolve. Your infant instantly gets the relief they need and parents feel great about that. It’s also assuring to know that you are giving your baby a safe product that doesn’t cause risky side effects like some of the products on the market today.

Hyland’s teething tablets are sold at drugstores, at the Hyland’s website, and at other locations or wherever infant and toddler products are sold. If you’re a parent who wants to keep their baby safe and healthy while ensuring that you ail their pains, make sure that Hyland’s teething tablets are inside your medicine cabinet. Hyland’s teething tablets are the product that parents have trusted for many years and now it’s time to add your name to that list of people.

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Hi Tech Chronicle Points to Equities First Holdings as Alternative Lending Source

Disruptive business practices are gaining more ground as the business world continues to branch out from the status quo. One such alternative practice is utilizing stock-based loans for securities lending and not traditional bank loans. According to Hi Tech Chronicle the company to watch is Equities First Holdings.

EFH is the top tier of most alternative lending markets. It has a global presence that continues to expand and handles over a billion dollars per year. The company was founded in 2002 and has over a decade of experience in stock-backed securities. The company was founded by Al Christy Jr. who still serves as acting CEO. It also has a stellar reputation for return of assets.

What makes EFH so special is the type of loans it offers. Stock loans use a borrowers stock portfolio as a form of collateral. The value of the stocks is measured and a equivalent amount is issued. The loan does not have to have its purpose outlined and borrowers can control how much they take. The loans also have a fixed interest as well as low monthly rates.

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Diversification and Transformation of the Environment by Sharon Prince


Sharon Prince established the Grace Farms Foundation in 2009. In addition to biologically restoring the land acquired by Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince’s goal was to enrich the environment. Sharon Prince has garnered various awards due to her contributions to environmental sustainability, social well being, and architecture. These awards include the AIA National Architecture Honor Award of 2017, Illinois’ Institute of Technology Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize, and the Innovation by Design Award for Social Good from Fast Company in 2016.

The Meadows of Grace Farms

In line with her objective of restoring the natural environment, Sharon Prince restored the native meadows in Grace Farms’ land. Through this restoration, the habitats that once occupied the grasslands and diverse indigenous species returned to the once deserted habitats. Over 70 percent of the areas that once reduced to meadows have been restored through the efforts of Grace Farms. Currently, the meadows are home to over eighty bird species, fluttering butterflies, and species of native bees.

The blooming biodiversity in the reinstated ecosystem has led to an emerging influx of the Kestral Falcons. As a result of Grace Farms’ efforts, the Kestral Falcons were, in the recent past, removed from the List of Threatened and Endangered Species by Connecticut. Tours of the meadows take place monthly between June and September.

Grace Farms’ Birds

Grace Farms is home to over forty species of birds enjoying its natural landscape. The birds provide Grace Farms with so much life all through its extensive flora and fauna. During the fall migration, different bird watching groups converge at Grace Farms to conduct scenic hikes aimed at watching birds. During these hikes, the groups engage in educational conversations apart from appreciating the return of several species of birds to the area. In some instances, master birders are invited to educate the groups on the specific species of birds at Grace Farms.


It is no doubt that Grace Farms has achieved one of their goals of restoring the environment and enriching the habitat. The area has been successfully transformed into a sustainable ecosystem. This has led to the influx of various species of animals in the Farm.

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