Iskandar Safa Works to Lead Privinvest Into the Future of Shipbuilding


Iskandar Safa is best known as the CEO of Privinvest Group, one of the largest and most successful shipbuilders in the Middle East and Europe. More than that though, Iskandar Safa is an entrepreneur, engineer, industrialist, business leader, and philanthropist. The company that Privinvest began and built was done so with the help and assistance of his brother, who knew aspects of the business that Iskandar needed help with.

Started from nothing, Privinvest is global company based in Beirut now employs thousands of employees and oversees more than two thousand vessels all actively moving shipments around the world. The company’s facilities are state of the art, and its processes and technology is the latest, setting a standard for the rest of the industry.

Privinvest does business with some of the largest and influential businesses, governments, and organizations in the world. Always thinking about the next level of business, Iskandar Safa had the vision to build a network of security vessels that oversees the safe delivery of the company’s vessels and crew. See Related Link to learn more.

Time has been put into research, and funds into the development of new technologies that make the company more efficient and resourceful. Shipbuilding is at the heart of what the company does, but it is these advanced technologies that set it apart from its competition. Get More Information Here.

In addition to industrial and security level ships, Privinvest develops and builds mega yachts. These are of course built to the very specific standards and specifications of clients that are particular about the ships they plan on cruising around the world.

When it comes to the mega yachts that the company develops, many of the same naval developments and technologies that are introduced in the company’s other vessels are incorporated into the design of these yachts. In this way, Privinvest is assuring that each and every ship built by its company is of the highest standard.


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