Zeco Auriemo: The Leader behind the Success of JHSF

Brazil is a new emerging property market that puts potential growth figures at their highest level. In the past few years, the country’s property market has experienced a rise in revenue by about 20%. But this wouldn’t be possible without the input of Zeco Auriemo who owns JHSF, a leading property developer in Brazil.

For Zeco Auriemo, success isn’t built overnight. It’s a process that entails your commitment should you acquire results. You must understand your trade and believe in your ability to top the list of competitive service providers in the market. Nevertheless, there are times when an individual needs the motivation to perform. The best way to achieve this is learning through like-minded individuals with Zeco Auriemo being a perfect example of a role model.

JHSF operates in various sectors including shopping malls, gastronomy as well as hotels. Established in 1972 under the brand name JHS, the primary area of specialization is the investment in the high-income sector with a focus on recurring income activities. It also operates in America, and Uruguay. JHSF was the first property development company to prioritize income assets including shopping malls, airports as well as hotels among others. Throughout its growth, JHSF has accounted over 6 million square feet meters in property market and R $ 1.20 billion.

Behind the success of JHSF is Zeco Auriemo who spearheads general operations. He joined the firm as a junior worker in 1993 at the onset of his career. In four years, he was already in control of major construction projects including a car parking lot he designed. After the achievement, he was tasked to oversee the development of Santa Cruz, the firm’s first shopping mall. Since then, Zeco Auriemo has chaired JHSF by imposing effective policies that have contributed to its development. He is an admired business professional.