Rocketship Education Transforming Traditional Education

Rocketship is non-profit charter school dedicated to the advancement of elementary aged students in the Tennessee Davidson County area. This unique public school system gives opportunities for access to superior education that help to give students who take assessments like the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) a high chance in a passing score. Providing students with a comprehensive and specialized curriculum that differs from traditional educational models. Students engage in a daily four content schedule block of learning labs,enrichment, humanities,and STEM. Giving them a model that allows the student to overcome challenges while catering to increasing and correcting learning capabilities.

Parental engagement for the Rocketship schools have completely topped set standards and have become one of the highest performing charter schools. Following set standards of visiting every students family in their first three months of school, having parents who are involved in the school budgeting, and the teacher hiring process. The schools also have monthly meetings, where close to 80% of parents attend, leading to an outcome that has produced an highly motivated environment for the student.

The culture of a Rockship schools differ from most traditional elementary settings because of its block scheduling which for most elementary schools is quite unusual, but is the norm for secondary education. Teachers teach single subjects to students, so instead of teaching all subjects, all day long students for example have the same literacy or math teachers like higher education. The teachers who teach math understand that some math problems use science concepts and some literacy concepts are woven into social studies. Teachers use these techniques to give students a double proportion of learning techniques by weaving other subjects in to help them better learn the subject.

The Rockship charter schools have a unique system that aims for the development of every child no matter their background. Children have the ability to excel in every educational setting, exceeding minimum requirements by the state. Students come to the end of their elementary education with a head start, that most students never experience, being able to overachieve in many areas of their future education.