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End Citizens United: Helping to End Politics For Profit

The innocently titled 2010 Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, is sadly the beginning of the end of our Democratic Republic. Citizens United grants rights to corporations that allows for unlimited and anonymous election campaign funding. This disastrous decision gives way to those with the most wealth to basically bribe politicians to create and vote in favor of policies that help corporations to make even more money. For these reasons, End Citizens United was founded to help put an end to politicians with souls that are up for grabs to the highest bidder. Visit End Citizen United on Twitter for more updates.

This Supreme Court decision has caused a deregulation of election and campaign funding and, instead, has turned politics into an unmonitored industry for both corporations and candidates to profit from. End Citizens United works with election campaigns to review candidates and offer grassroots funding if they complete a pledge. They do this to counteract the offerings provided to candidates from big-money corporations and ill-intentioned political action campaigns.

Candidates vying for this opportunity vow to refuse corporate campaign donations and instead promise to do all they can to help in putting a stop to Citizens United. By vetting candidates for public office in this manner, End Citizens United is able to assist with giving the public an opportunity to choose from candidates with their best interests in mind.

End Citizens United’s mission is to support candidates who refuse corporate funding, while also promoting the cessation of Citizen’s United. The only way to accomplish this is through a diligent grassroots funding campaign. This will not only help to promote and support candidates at a local level but will help to elevate them to the federal stage. Through political activism, grassroots campaign and funding strategies will have a chance to change things. Additionally, End Citizen’s United will also have the opportunity to change the world. Read more:


Serial CEOs: Dick DeVos Has a Rich Example

Many people often find themselves working low level jobs while being at the mercy of life. Some of them are lucky to hold a position of management. Even still, many people are lucky to have a job of their own that they can support themselves with. Then there are people who are CEOs that wind up making a very prosperous life for themselves and even making a difference in the communities that they live in. To be able to do this can be some of the best feelings that people can hope for. Most people are barely keeping a roof over their head with a regular minimum wage job that seems to be doing its best to get rid of them. Learn more:


One of the reasons that Dick DeVos was able to hold positions in leadership and be owners of different businesses is that he has gotten a lot of education. Another good thing is that his father was the owner of Amway which he has taken over at some point in his life. While being a business owner is one of the most secure positions one can hold in business, it is also one of the positions that require the most responsibilities.


Dick DeVos has fortunately gotten the type of education that helps him learn what to look for in a market condition so that he can find the right calibration for market conditions as they come. He is also able to look at coming market conditions so that he can prepare for the upcoming changes in the market.


In order to be a successful business owner, there are plenty of aspects of the business that need to be figured out. One of the most important aspects of business is knowing how to market. If one is unable to market, then he can gain the help of professional marketers. One of the best things about Dick DeVos is that he knew his limits. He also know how to talk to people so that he can encourage them to help with rebuilding his community in ways that he can think about. One thing that Dick DeVos has done is influence Southwest Airlines to expand into Grand Rapids Airport.