Talkspace Mobile App Saves Lives With Michael Phelps

Depression and suicidal thoughts can happen to anyone. The seemingly negative experiences can occur to even the most prestigious of people. Among these people is gold medalist Michael Phelps, who later teamed up with Talkspace. Michael Phelps is a person that has experienced these kinds of situations and even locked himself in his room for 5 days. He wondered if living life was even worth it.

After the 5 days that Michael Phelps spent in seclusion, he realized that he needed to seek out a therapist. Soon after seeking out and finding a therapist that helped him get through his issues, he decided to team up with the mobile therapy app Talkspace. His reason for teaming up with the app creators was to share his experience with as many people as possible in an effort to help ease the pain of many through his ability to relate to them. The main advantages of using the Talkspace mobile app are convenience, affordability, and the ability to use it anywhere and anytime.

A recent article published on the crunchbase profile of the Talkspace mobile app focused on the negative experiences that can occur in anyone’s work place. The situations are more common than originally thought. The Talkspace mobile app has reported that a majority of the issues that are talked about on the app are from work place experiences. These experiences can be anything from office bullying to sexual harassment. Many of these situations are now known as “microagessions”. Visit Wikipedia to learn more about Talkspace.

The microagressions that can occur in the work place environment can have negative effects on people’s moods, physical, and mental health. These microagressions can slowly accumulate and lead to low self esteem, reports the Talkspace article. Other negative effects of the microagressions can be lack of productivity, not feeling safe in the work place, and feelings of alienation.

It is important to not that many people spend about a third of their lives at work. This can be a very scary experience for anyone. The use of the Talkspace mobile app has been known to help many people talk about their experiences at the work place, among many other issues.