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OSI Food Solutions Doubles Their Capacity To Bring Chicken Processing Into The Future

Protein is one food that is important for everyone. Protein helps the body function better. Many people are looking for ways to bring more protein into their diet. They want to pick forms of protein that taste delicious and fill them up. One company that knows this well is OSI Food Solutions. One of the top one hundred food companies in the United States, OSI Food Solutions is one company that is poised for the future. They look forward and see tremendous possibilities. Officials here know that chicken is one of the world’s most popular forms of protein. Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that officials at OSI Food Solutions have looked for ways to meet this demand. OSI Food Solutions operates in many parts of the world. One area that they have chosen to make their own is Toledo, Spain. Toledo has been chosen because it offers many advances including easy access to the rest of Europe as well as highly trained local workforce. Spain is also a place where officials have seen that many locals love chicken. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group. They know that chicken is an important element in the local, regional culture and has been for many centuries.

Expanding Production

OSI Food Solutions in Toledo have therefore chosen to add more capacity to their existing product lines. These new lines offer a high-capacity system that allows the company to increase operations more efficiency. Officials have chosen to invest seventeen million Euros in this endeavor. They know that doing so will ultimately pay off in the coming years. This new expansion has allowed them to increase the processing of chicken products by a huge number. The new investment now means the company will be able to go from processing twelve thousand tons each year to what should be about twenty-four thousand tons. With this new investment, many people will benefit. Twenty new local jobs in the region are being created, offering increased opportunities for residents in the region to find fabulous employment that really cares their work and wants to see them succeed. The new jobs will bring the total number of people employed here in this plant with the company to one hundred and sixty. It means that the company can better handle any product needs in the area as well as any other increase in demand for chicken products in other parts of Europe and other global areas.

Meet the Stronghold of the OSI Group: David McDonald

The success of a firm depends on how the individuals in the senior positions operate. They can either advance the firm or destroy a firm. The OSI Group to have a President whose aim is propelling the company to reach its goals. Donald McDonald has been with the company for more than thirty years. He says that although this may seem like a long time, it has been a walk in the park for him. It has all been an exciting journey. Why? His passion for his job.

David McDonald studied Animal Science in school. He says that he has always loved the combination of Agriculture and Biology. He joined the OSI Group as a project manager. He later worked hard and earned his position as the President of the company.

Many people live their whole life waiting for a promotion. What they don’t understand is that you need to start owning the position before you get to the title. You have to work for the good of your company regardless of the position you are serving the firm at the time. David McDonald has been going above and beyond to see that the OSI Group stays as the leading company in the distribution of food.

David McDonald says that the objective of the OSI Group is to see all their customers are contented with the product they get, and their expectations are exceeded. He says that the clients significantly contribute to the innovation of the OSI menu. He says that when customers want an addition to their menu, they embrace it and use the chance to enlarge the portfolio.

When asked about the future, McDonald is not afraid. He says that the firm looks forward to moving with their clients to the future. He says that any change that happens in the industry is an opportunity to win more clients on their side. This is because many firms are rigid to change and they insist on doing things the old way. By embracing change, they earn themselves more long-term customers.

The OSI Group has been enjoying great success in China. He says that this is as a result of interacting with the residences for a long time. They have earned their trust and learned what their interests are. David McDonald says that they are facing problems as a result of the poor China roads. They are, however, hopeful that with time the bodies involved will work towards solving the problem.

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