The Unique Service Offing Provided By Cotemar

Cotemar is one of five major oil companies around the world. Unlike other major oil companies, this corporation only operates in Mexico. It was founded in 1979. Despite having partners across the United States and Europe, the company has no plans of expanding its operations beyond Mexico. Its headquarters are in Monterrey.

Over the years, Cotemar has been able to grow rapidly due to the new oil wells in Mexico and the world’s increasing appetite for crude oil. Currently, Cotemar has employed over 7,000 workers. They vary from highly trained professionals to casual workers. Its customer base has also grown to over 1,100 users, earning the company revenues of over $600 million every month.

The services offered by Cotemar falls under three broad categories. The first category involves providing construction, maintenance, modernization, and engineering services. Through these services, the company ensures that its clients’ facilities are up to date, efficient, and safe to both the environment and the people working on them. It mainly deals with processing centers in offshore installations, platforms, prefabrication and assembly, and commissioning of service lines and equipment.

Additionally, Cotemar provides its clients with a broad range of specialized and marine support boats. These ships are designed to serve the various offshore needs of oil companies such as transportation of personnel, food, and light materials. The company has tow ships and barges to help client transport large structures. Cotemar has specialized fire-fighting vessels that are operated by specially trained crew. Oil factories have a high risk of fire incidences.

In the open seas, workers in oil facilities are miles away from any grocery stores or restaurant. This means that there must be a continuous supply of food if the workers have to stay healthy and longer at their workstations. Cotemar provides food and lodgings on all its platforms and the boats that it operates. In addition, the corporation provides additional food and accommodation. These services do not only include food preparation and comfortable living quarters, but also washing clothes, ironing, and cleaning of common areas.

Cotemar partners with other professional companies such as Dynamic Positioning Systems to boost the quality of its services. For instance, this particular partnership ensures that the firm can handle platform inspection and rehabilitate process lines on the sea-bottom.