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James River Capital CEO Paul Saunders’s Insights On Securing Funding for Startups

When great ideas strike, the next thing to think about is how to implement the idea. Obviously, idea implementation will involve finances and investors may not give you money to implement the idea just because it is a brilliant idea. It is important for entrepreneurs to explore multiple avenues of funding to have multiple choices to choose from. Paul Saunders is highly experienced in securing funding for companies and the following are funding strategies he used to grow his business. The first way you can get funding for your business is through bootstrapping, funding your business through credit cards, personal savings, or borrowing. While this way may not give you the entire capital you need to start a business, it is a good place to start for budding entrepreneurs. You will want to have some money to prove to investors that you’ve contributed to the business. Crowdfunding is another strategy which entrepreneurs are taking advantage of to get funding for their businesses. It involves a group of people contributing money to support an idea.


The contributors don’t expect to be paid back but they are enticed by small perks to contribute money. Business loans is another common source of capital for starting a business. There are numerous types of business loans including Small Business Administration loans and bank loans. You can choose from the variety of types of loans available to get the best deal. One type of loan that might interest you is a local loan. A local loan may involve you going to your business development center where you will meet entrepreneurs and other investors. At the center, you will receive loan information that will prove helpful. Other sources of funding common today include angel investors, venture capitalists, and trading equity. You will need information on these options to get funding without compromising your interests. Learn more:


Funding experts such as Paul Saunders will tell you that getting funding is an uphill task. Persistent entrepreneurs only turn out successful in bringing their ideas to life. If you fail at securing funding through one source of funding, go back to the drawing board and strategize again. According to Paul Saunders, you should find out the type of company that you’re looking to establish before deciding on the best resources that fit your needs. You can also be successful like Saunders who built a business for more than two decades helping it to grow through the path of profitability. Paul Saunders is the Founder, Chairman, as well as CEO of James River Capital, a Richmond-based investment advisory firm. The company offers a variety of services including commodity trading, advisory, and investment management. Founded in 1995, the company is registered as a commodity trading advisor with the SEC as well as a commodity pool operator with the CFTC.

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Angela Koch From U.S. Money Reserve Shares The Reason For Success

Angela Koch is currently the one that steers the wheel for the U.S. Money Reserve as its chief executive officer.

She is also the only female chief executive officer that currently leads in the metals industry. As the CEO of the country’s largest distributor of the U.S. government precious metals, her responsibility is to make growth. In order to do that, she places a big emphasis on developing employees.

As a sales organization, Angela Koch leads a number of sales representative in the company. She wants to erase the stigma attached to being a sales representative, that’s why as the leader of the U.S. Money Reserve, she makes sure that the sales representative does not only “sell”, they can also offer value to the customers.

All the employees know everything about the company, as well as the system and all about the customer’s needs. Koch believes that developing the company’s employees is one of the core tasks for her job, and she doesn’t take the CEO lightly. Read more: Angela Koch US Money Reserve | Forbes and US Money Reviews | Glassdoor

A lot of companies would think about the cost of training their employees first before considering whether to proceed or to hold it. For Koch, the money used in training the employees is an investment for the future of the company.

As long as the money goes in personal and professional development, it will be a benefit to the company. Her aim is to make sure that even without her guidance, each employee can make a good decision. Koch knows the value of training employees, that’s because she has been an employee before, and she knows how hard it is to be a part of the workforce.

Before being a key member of the U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch was a college drop out. She was married to her now ex-husband with one child to take care of. With bills to pay and a child to feed, she realized that she needed to work to survive.

Being a college dropout only made things harder. Koch would have two to three jobs in order to pay rent. She also took a lot of jobs in different industries such as pharmacies and even in a Jewish Foundation when she is a Christian.

Angela Koch worked at KLA-Tencor where she met her mentor. The mentor had a Kobe Beef ranch at the time, and Koch was tasked to register the ranch as a non-hormone treated cattle. That experience taught her a lot of things.

After leaving the company, she started working at the U.S. Reserve and climbed her way to the top. When it comes to making decisions, Angela Koch has three essentials steps that she follows: don’t look back, balance your life like a basket, and to know your strengths.

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