Code Geass and the Anti-Hero


In mecha anime you are going to see a wide range of characters during your consumption. You’ll come across the ultimate ‘good guy’ like Goku in ‘Dragonball Z’. You’ll also come across the unrepentant bad guys who have nothing light in their souls at all — Light Yagami from ‘Death Note’ definitely rings a bell. Along the way you’ll come across a ton of characters that fall somewhere in the middle and that’s where our focus comes to us for today’s post. Today we’re talking about Lelouch vi Briannia, the ultimate anti-hero.


If you haven’t seen ‘Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion’ then we definitely suggest you take some time to go watch it. The show is dark, punchy, and mecha inspired madness. Leading the charge is Lelouch — an exiled noble son who is forced to use his incredible power to try and take back what is rightfully his. Lelouch is hyper intelligent, completely stoic, and absolutely frigid when it comes to fighting his enemies. Now this probably sounds like the boilerplate demo for most anime protagonists, but Lelouch is even more different — he is willing to sacrifice other people for his cause.


What makes Lelouch interesting is that his entire rebellion is predicated on being ‘right’ instead of doing ‘right’. Lelouch is willing to sacrifice any number of lives in order to get what he needs done. He hates fellow nobleman and is willing to destroy entire cities to defeat his enemies. In short, Lelouch is a deep character who is definitely of the anti-hero mold.  One of the anime on Netflix that I definitely recommend.