Victoria Doramus : From rock bottom to lead advocate

Victoria Doramus is one of the worlds most revered and sought-after trend specialist. She is most notably known for skills in finding creative and comprehensive solutions to problems. Her work with fashion, lifestyle and company branding is what has made her one of the most versatile trend specialists out there today. Her past dealing with personal hardship hows now allowed her to use those talents towards helping charities. We wanted to go more in depth about the plethora of skills and talents that she posses and how she’s utilized those today for companies as well as charitable foundations.

Victoria Doramus shares with us one of her lesser-known talents, and that is of marketing negotiator. After finishing her work in college, Victoria was quickly hired by Mindshare to be their Assitant media planner. Her job entailed negotiating with media companies so her team and the company would not be overpaying or going over budget with their marketing. Victoria has also reached into the writing industry as a contributor to “Trendcentral” a daily newsletter about current trends. Her most notable work comes from a piece about trendings in distributed media outlets, her writing would be showcased on Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post and USA Today. Currently, Victoria lends her hand at ghostwriting for many prominent individuals, many who wish to remain anonymous.

in 2016, Victoria began using her skills to help a variety of charities including the Amy Winehouse Foundation, mostly due in part to her own battles with substance abuse. Victoria comments that she is proud and amazed by the work done by the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Victoria’s yearning for help doesn’t stop with people, in fact, Victoria is a prominent figure in the pursuit to end kill shelters around the country through her work with the Best Friends Animal Society. The society to this day has been successful in cutting down the killings from 17 million to an incredible 2 million per year.