BR-364, and BR-153 among others up for makeover, Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens an infrastructure specialist, reports an investment of R $ 44 billion is going to be implemented in 2018. These funds are to be invested into 57 projects spanning a total of 22 sectors, ensuring most of the economy will benefit. Spearhead by the Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI), the investment will be implemented in infrastructure, privatizing government companies, and airport management.

Felipe Montoro Jens noted the bidding on the various projects will take place during the last months of 2018. The Ministry of Transportation announced bidding taking place in the last of the year, is an effort to have the bids during the end of President Michel Temer’s term in office. The Transportation Ministry also announced highways BR-153 and BR-364 are part of the 57 projects. BR-364 is almost 800 kilometers long connecting Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO). BR-153, connects Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO). Find out more at to learn more.

Infraero, according to Felipe Montoro Jens is going to sale some of the airports they currently manage. Infaero owns 49% of the stock, of each of the companies they manage. Felipe Montoro Jens, listed Confis (Belo Horizonte), Galeao (Rio de Janeiro), and Guarulhos (Sao Paulo) as some of the airports currently ran by Infraero that will sold. There will also be auctions for port terminal concessions Belem (PA), Vila do Conde, Paranagua (PR) and Victoria (ES) at the end of 2018.

Felipe Montoro Jens noted although there has not been an announcement on how these are to be sol, but they are schedule to become privatized. The companies to be sold are the Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docs of Espirito. The Mint is the enterprise responsible for printing official Brazilian governmental things is being sold sole for the advance of technology. These plans are set to help keep Brazil’s economy moving forward.

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