How IC Systems’ activities have influenced the world around it.

Background information on IC Systems.

Ruth and Jack Erickson were the founders of IC Systems (1938). It has its headquarters on the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota. It is an outstanding accounts receivable company. It is known for its quality services based on strong ethics and honesty. Due to this, the company has passed on to the third generation of Erickson family.

The company has worked hard to be the best innovative accounts receivable company. It was the first to replace typewriter with computers. They still have a distinct trait of incorporating the recent compliance levels such as TCPA, CFPB and 501(r) among others into their systems. That is the way they keep their reputation as the safest collection agency.

Values that have sustained IC Systems

The company is built on values that have maintained it in the collection industry. The values are: treating people around the company respectably, integrity- being careful to do the right thing, good performance -competence in delivering high-quality results, pride- owning the activities they are involved in and how they do them and innovation -creativity in coming up with better ways of working. Being a company with a firm ethical background, IC Systems has won the 2013, 2014 and 2015 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics. The company itself motivates its workers to uphold these values by electing one worker in each department for the Core Value Award.

IC Systems role in improving lives in the community.

IC Systems engages in philanthropic activities as a way of giving back to the community. It has created a team known as the Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO) to organize its charitable activities (formed in 1981). Annually, the group engages in creating donation events, managing various community activities and involving its employees in the philanthropic efforts.

Apart from being philanthropic, the company owns the responsibility of taking care of the community by encouraging people to embrace sustainable practices. Specifically, it promotes the use of renewable energy sources to neutralize carbon emission into the environment. It also has taken it as its responsibility to encourage people to consider how they use land and manage infrastructure in the community.