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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s Craftmanship in Cosmetic Surgery

Skill, art and science perfectly describes the field of cosmetic surgery. This particular industry has been around for many decades, but today’s technology has advanced the field to unprecedented levels. Located in Dallas, Texas, is one of the country’s top cosmetic surgeons. This man has won many industry-related awards, and he has been thoroughly trained at one of the country’s finest medical schools. The person in question is known as Sameer Jejurikar. This 20-year veteran makes use of some of the most advanced technologies. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., is well-accomplished as well as well-respected by his peers. So, what are some of the medical-aesthetic procedures that this guy specializes in? Well, Dr. Jejurikar specializes in:

  • Tummy Tucks
  • Brazilian Butt Lifts
  • Facelifts
  • Breast Revision
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Microneedling
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing
  • And many more

When dealing with cosmetic surgery, patients could use some before and after images for reassurance. Dr. Jejurikar does just that by using the advanced Crisalix 3D Imaging. This particular technology can show you exactly what you could look like after surgery. This technology can create a new face or body right before your very eyes. Dr. Jejurikar also utilizes SmartGraft hair restoration. This minimal-invasive treatment can create permanent results with little to no discomfort.

For ridding the face of wrinkles and fine lines, Dr. Jejurikar now offers a line of medical-grade skincare products. Yes, this is absolutely correct, and these products have a mixture of fine botanicals within the formulas’ structure. This man seems to have a progressive approach to everything that he does. Thanks to being a part of the Multi-Society Fat Grafting Task Force, Dr. Jejurikar is helping to shape the environment of cosmetic surgery with the latest in safety protocols.

Delicious Nutrition in a Bottle

Herbalife products are known for their weight loss benefits and providing good nutrition to its consumers. The Herbalife Formula 1 shake can help with boosting the immune system, sustain muscle mass, and providing energy. It substitutes as a meal replacement. Also, comes in a variety of different flavors from chocolate to vanilla and plenty of others.


Herbalife provides a lot of supplemental benefits that are included in the majority of their products. They have a large market of products that cater to most diets as well as athletes. Consumers enjoy the Herbalife Formula 1 shake because it is a quick meal for anyone who doesn’t have much time in the day to meal prep. It also has a smooth taste, not chalky like some of the other brands. Formula 1 provides numerous amount of servings, which can last up to a month or longer depending on the use.


There is also the Herbalife Restore, that helps with reducing inflammation after an intense workout and boosting the immune system. It is recommended by most consumers due to its natural properties. It’s a better alternative to other pain relievers. Also provides multiple servings.


The Herbalife CR7 Drive is loaded with electrolytes and helps with fueling the brain. One of the main ingredients in the drink is glucose. Glucose promotes faster brain functions, and it’s a carb that our muscles prefer to use when working out. CR7 Drive generates excess energy for a long day or workouts. Some of the reviewers stated that the taste of the drink is slightly off-putting. But you will feel the boost of energy.


Herbalife Prepare is a great option for the start of a long day. It helps promote better blood circulation. When your blood circulation is at its peak your focus and performance are at its best. Consumers state it has improved their energy levels, and that has helped with their performance. Herbalife may be one of the most diverse and efficient products to consider when making a lifestyle change.

Heal N Soothe Puts An End To Pain Running Your Life


Pain can take over your life if you aren’t careful. If you’re always watching the clock in order to keep tabs on when the next pill should be taken, or you need to keep calling the doctor, it may be time to reconsider your options. The most important thing you can do with pain is learn more about how to treat pain at the source, rather than cover up the symptoms. If pain is the primary symptom, it means that there is an underlying condition that is causing pain. What is the secret to putting out the never-ending fire in your joints, tendons, and ligaments?


Treating pain at the source makes a big difference. This is why Heal N Soothe is a viable option. When an injury occurs, white blood cells are sent en mass to the injured site, covering the area with fibrin to help reduce the pain. This is how healing from inflammation begins initially. As fibrin builds up, the area can become so large that swelling begins. This can also cause pain when swelling isn’t reduced. See This Page for additional information.


Once the fibrin does its job, proteolytic enzymes take over, and they are responsible for reducing the amount of scar tissue and continue the healing process. Additionally, they are to slow down the prostaglandins that cause pain and inflammation. When these are out of control, they can limit the process by which true healing occurs.


Heal N Soothe contains natural enzymes and other natural healing agents that are helpful for the body. Our body manufactures these enzymes, but as we age, the body fails to produce them at the same rate. The body needs to heal on its own, but natural supplementation like Heal N Soothe can promote the body’s natural healing process. Without these healing enzymes, the body could stay in a state of inflammation long after the injury occurs, leaving the body injured and unable to function at its optimal capacity. While Heal N Soothe is not a cure, it can certainly benefit the body in boosting its natural healing ability.



Health N Soothe is an herbal supplement for joint pain that is manufactured by Living Well Nutraceuticals and distributed via The Healthy Back Institute.