How Glen Wakeman was able to achieve his phenomenal success.

Glen Wakeman is an American executive born in 1968 he is currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Glen attended the University of Scranton between the years 1977 and 1981 where he graduated with a degree in Economics and finance he later attended the University of Chicago graduating with an MBA.

Wakeman has had a very illustrious career, he began working when he joined GE Capital. He later on founded Nova Four it was at this point in his career that GE recognized his Growth Leadership role and made him a role model a decision made by the company’s Board of Directors.

Wakeman applied what he had learned through experience in his career and he came up with a five-step performance methodology (Facebook). This approach focused on human capital, execution, risk management, and leadership power in any business. His evaluation and methodology have been applied in various sectors that have already proved successful. He brought this approach to new market entry, start-ups, divestitures and M&As enabling them to achieve exponential growth in the process.

LaunchPad Holdings LLC

By identifying brilliant ideas with the ability to transform lives and the different sectors they operate in, Glen is then able to match the good idea with the requisite capital giving the startup not only a launch pad but also a path to grow. However ever idea has to be organized into a plan that can work this is where LaunchPad Holdings LLC comes in by offering a fully automated software program that enables the organization of these ideas in working plans.

Glen Wakeman is really excited by the new technologies coming up. He has especially taken a liking in machine learning. Based on the large amounts of data available he has identified this as an area that business can tap into and benefit a lot and machine learning will enable this b automatic analysis of data enabling it to produce useful and coherent reports that can be used to understand much more on client demographics as well as enable businesses to serve their customers better.

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