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TigerSwan Gives Military Officials a New Career

The world of business is a place that is open to anyone of any background. When it comes to success, the only thing standing in the way is a personal drive to push forward. James Reese entered the business industry in 2007 upon leaving a 25 year service in the military. As a Lt. Colonel, the lives of his teammates and the reputation of his country was always on the line. He believes that his abilities as a good listener and leader made him a natural born company CEO. The website for TigerSwan recently published a blog post about how James Reese evolved during his career.

James Reese believes the biggest difference between being a commander and a CEO are the expectations of those who serve underneath you. Instead of being in a life or death environment, the employees want to have long-term security. TigerSwan boasts an operation spanning numerous countries with over 300 employees in the system. The company is labeled as a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), where disabled military workers come to gain work experience. It creates a group space where each person is there for the same and can relate to each other on a personal level.

The skills for becoming a military commander are simple, while running a business like TigerSwan requires overcoming a high level learning curve. James Reese never imagined the amount of technical knowledge it would take to run a business. TigerSwan overseas a lot of operations and many moving parts. He had to learn about managing a budget, determining price tags, and taking into account the individual skills of each person under his wing. The recruitment and advancement process is more fluid at businesses like TigerSwan

TigerSwan is proud to have a diverse workforce where anyone from anywhere can get the skills they need to get back on their feet. The company has people from the community and other local officials passing through the office on a daily basis. The result is a business is focused on the future and bringing the TigerSwan name to more places around the world.

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Lincolnshire Provides Company Debt Restructuring With The Guidance Of TJ Maloney

The economy has been in a constant state of change due to local and international events. Many company executives are dealing with prosperity along with growing debt during the various reporting quarters of the year. Lincolnshire provides assistance for thriving companies dealing with debt or restructuring issues. Business solutions are carefully put together under the watchful helm of TJ Maloney, who is the current Chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, Inc. This private equity company is based in New York, NY and was founded in 1986. A business owner may want to create liquidity by reformatting their capital structure, and a loan solution is also available for these clients..

TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire in 1993 and takes an active approach to handling all portfolio companies. A company that needs assistance with debt can receive funding from this private equity firm by allowing Lincolnshire to provide an exchange of equity stake for reducing the business debt. The main area of focus for eligible businesses are those located in the United States, Asia and Europe. The firm looks to hold acquired investments on average for about three to five years. The ideal firm will also have sales between $25 to $500 million. A prospective business can expect to receive from $5 to $100 million. A temporary business cash shortfall may be solved with a viable solution provided by Lincolnshire. Executives will strategically partner with Lincolnshire and TJ Maloney.

The top leadership at this private equity firm is guided by an industry knowledgeable executive. Mr. TJ Maloney has extensive experience working in the New York financial arena. He practiced merger, acquisition and securities law in New York before joining Lincolnshire. Mr. Maloney was also honored in 2007 with the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award. This award was presented by Fordham Law School and recognizes corporate leaders that have demonstrated high moral standards. A business looking to transform their capital structure may find that they are offered reasonable terms.

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Equities First Holdings- GC Report Summary

Equities First Holdings are covered by GC report, and they are a financial company. They are an alternate lender and are growing in this market. GC report talks about Equities First and their lending policies and strategy. Borrowers looking for alternate financing could benefit from this type of coverage. Equities First Holdings are now an international financial company and are expanding, being covered by GC report and others.

Jingdong and The Festivals

Jingdong is an innovative company. As an innovative company, Jingdong must be able to stay relevant with its consumers and with other brands as well. As Jingdong becomes more relevant to more people, it becomes a stronger company and becomes more anti-fragile.

See, Jingdong or has been able to help brands such as Wu Fang Zhai to grow their brands. If they are able to help these people out and help them reach a larger customer base, then Jingdong can help to eventually increase its own sales as well. This is the value that the company is able to provide to itself, to its customers with more selection, and to the other people that they help out to grow their own business with Jingdong services.

This is why Jingdong is one company to watch.

In addition to helping others, the company will help new people and bring them on board if they are the right fit.

Appeal to Your Potential Employer by Connecting With Them

You don’t have to schmooze or sell trade secrets from your previous firm to connect with a Millennial. You could do so by outlining how your values match with their firm’s, and what both of you could achieve via your mutual working relationship.

This is where you understand the firm’s larger goals and honestly assess your own long term objectives. This is the part where you yourself will understand whether you are a good match for the company which you are interviewing for, or if you are in it just for the money.

If you have a conflict with the way the company works and a hefty paycheck is the only thing you desire, then going another way would be the best option for you.

But if you really do believe in the firm’s mission, then make sure to convey this to your potential employer as well. Tell them how your objectives match with the company’s larger goals, and this would help you connect with the employer on an emotional level.

And this is where the additional steps of the Millennial Benefits Ladder come into play.

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Serge Belamant Footprint in Blockchain Technologies

Some of the great names that accreditation for creating cryptocurrencies over the past have been Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio. Cryptocurrencies took over the world the past few years with Bitcoin and Ethereum becoming household names. Blockchain technology joined the scene, and it is poised to be the game changer. It has been argued to be a vital disruptive force which underlies crypto. The blockchain technology can stand on its own apart from crypto.

Blockchain technology is a list of records linked together with cryptography. The particular ledgers each contain transaction data and cryptographic timestamp. The initial blockchain technology was developed to assist financial services sector in accessing its activities. With the technology in play, the financial sectors could enjoy transparency, accuracy, and security of enterprises, institutions, and clients.

Serge Belemant hails as the brains behind the blockchain applications used in smart cards. Through innovation, Serge Belamant was able to include microprocessors within the smart cards with full functionality, whether online or offline.

Their state of current systems in the financial sector is either outdated or inefficient. This is especially applicable in terms of international money transfers. This is one area in which the blockchain technology has the power to address.

Asides from financial transactions, there are many roles which the blockchain technology can play in the future global economy. This varies in different fields such as smart contracts in labor-intensive enterprises, which can reduce the costs and improve the speeds in the market.

The smart contracts are a significant potential that can be harnessed from the blockchain technology. The technology by Serge Belamant can also be applied in complex chains management in different businesses. This will result in efficient economic management.

Currently, Serge Belamant works at Zilch Technology Limited after leaving Net1 Technologies. Through the firm, he focuses on different inventions applied in the banking sector. He plays an active role in the firm in terms of inventing blockchain technology to improve the cryptocurrency markets.

Through the innovation behind blockchain technology, Serge Belamant has revolutionized the application and software developers in the IT field. He recently fields for patents over his inventions to protect the proprietary issues concerning the blockchain technology.


Hi Tech Chronicle Points to Equities First Holdings as Alternative Lending Source

Disruptive business practices are gaining more ground as the business world continues to branch out from the status quo. One such alternative practice is utilizing stock-based loans for securities lending and not traditional bank loans. According to Hi Tech Chronicle the company to watch is Equities First Holdings.

EFH is the top tier of most alternative lending markets. It has a global presence that continues to expand and handles over a billion dollars per year. The company was founded in 2002 and has over a decade of experience in stock-backed securities. The company was founded by Al Christy Jr. who still serves as acting CEO. It also has a stellar reputation for return of assets.

What makes EFH so special is the type of loans it offers. Stock loans use a borrowers stock portfolio as a form of collateral. The value of the stocks is measured and a equivalent amount is issued. The loan does not have to have its purpose outlined and borrowers can control how much they take. The loans also have a fixed interest as well as low monthly rates.

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Under the Capable Leadership of Sharon Prince, Grace Farms is Improving How People Relate to Nature

Grace Farms Foundation uses the beautiful outdoor surroundings to increase communication, inspire thought, foster education, garner preservation, as well as understanding and promote nature appreciation. Grace Farms brings together people from all walks of life to engage in its on-site programs, interact with each other and get close to nature. According to the foundation’s President and Chairperson, Sharon Prince, the Grace Farms idea was inspired by land and it inspires a sense of beauty and glamour. Here are a few of the property’s offerings.

Seasonal bounties

There are plenty activities Grace Farms’ visitors can carry out during summer. On the scorching sun, you can explore lush nature throughout vast walking trails and fish at Cattail Pond. It gives you a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life.

Biodiversity and ecological appreciation

Right from the moment it acquired the acreage, Grace Farms’ mission has been to enrich the habitat and restore the land to create a conducive environment for indigenous wildlife. According to Sharon Prince, the process of transforming Grace Farms from an equestrian facility to a healthy and sustainable ecosystem was underway back in 2017.


The native meadows have been restored to make it a conducive habitat for indigenous species. Since then, many species of birds have returned and the habitat has a lot to offer to visitors. Sharon Prince Grace Farms is rich of beautiful wildlife including over 40 species of birds residing in the natural landscape of the property. Grace Farms Foundation, led by Sharon Prince, has been able to put numerous efforts to promote wildlife preservation. The foundation brings together community members to not all only promote unity and harmonious living, but also to drive wildlife preservation.

About Sharon Prince

She is the Chair and President of the private foundation founded in 2009 to promote better living through engagement with arts, nature, community, justice, and faith. Sharon Prince headed the vision of Grace Farms, a foundation which has been described as a new kind of public space shared by people as well as non-profit organizations. Among her achievements, she commissioned SANAA to design River building.

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HGGC: Defining and Acquiring Success

When you think of success, what comes to mind. Maybe a lot of money. Maybe personal fulfillment, or all-around security. These may be the things we think of first when we imagine success, but the truth is, none of these are qualities that actually bring about success. Rather, they are the result. HGGC, a nationally-beloved private equity firm based in California, seems to understand this better than anyone. Through their selective and prudent business practice, they have made quite the name for themselves in our modern world. But the nagging question still persists: how did they do it?


HGGC did not one day become the very best and proceed to stay at the top for years to come. Success takes years of dedication sometimes before you see any results at all. The most important factor along the process is to give it your all. Failures and slip-ups are not something you should fear; they are mandatory for improvement. HGGC’s view of their missteps is not shame or fear; it is an opportunity to learn.


The sort of employee you could find working in their headquarters will never be that who lacks hard work. It does not matter how much natural talent a person has for business, and HGGC recognizes that through their process of hiring new employees. A person only gets the opportunity to be evaluated for potential when they are able to show that they will give their company everything they have. Without this quality, you cannot possibly be of long-term help to whatever firm you work for. This is why dedication is a prerequisite for working with HGGC.


Of course, wanting to succeed is not enough. If it were, you might see countless more businesses pop up than their currently are. Instead, the amount of successful businesses is both extremely limited and selective. In order to become one of those businesses that reaches such high standing, you have to first garner the proper amount of experience, and HGGC pays shrewd attention to what a person has accomplished in the past when considering them for hire.