The Philosophy Behind Empiricus, Brazilian Investment and Media Organization


Partly owned by American company The Agora group, Empiricus Research is a Brazilian investment and media firm that specializes in content distribution strategies.

Empiricus runs its consulting operations in the investment and finance segments, while also paying attention to the political analysis sector.


What Does Empiricus Do?

Empiricus develops specific and targeted material for all of these segments, which it then disseminates through various outlets including but not limited to social media platforms like Facebook and search engines such as Google.

The company is particularly known for creating political content that is polemic and comes with a certain bite in terms of its overall tone and approach to various issues. Whether it is about the President’s election or possible departure, controversial economic policies or projected images of financial turmoil, the company has been able to develop incisive content that has found quite some publicity for the Empiricus brand.


How Does It Find Its Target Audience?

In order to find this publicity and enhance its brand image, Empiricus uses a mix of marketing strategies that include social media views as well as search engine exposure. To make sure that it is getting the most out of each outlet, the company uses paid marketing to boost its posts and show its ads on social media and Google, respectively.

In fact, Empiricus is so adept in using paid marketing strategies that it basically initiated its operations through it in 2014. Starting from a video that spoke about a possible economic disaster in Brazil, Empiricus started to gain attention from the people it wanted to take notice of it. From there, the company continued creating marketing content that was controversial but stayed in line with the firm’s culture and beliefs. Since the company doesn’t believe in being politically correct but speaking truth to power, it has gained quite some recognition from those who hold the similar mindset. See This Page for additional information.

Through its various newsletters, videos, social media posts and other marketing materials, Empiricus has managed to stay relevant in its respective sector. The company continues to perform its operations in the same way, and uses a mix of marketing strategies to reach new audiences on a regular basis.