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Academy of Art University is Where New Talents Are Discovered

 The New York Fashion week sets the stage where new talents are newly discovered in the public eye. The Academy of Art University held The School of Fashion on stage for its twenty first edition, on September 9 of 2017. This was seen on the Skylight Clarkson Square. Ten MFA and BFA graduates made their first appearance with two partnerships, and two menswear collections.

The coastline of Maine to the country of China, along with other connecting areas, has some of the most varied backgrounds of the designers. The variety of ideas, expertise techniques, and profiles overwhelmed the viewers very effectively. Possible career advisors, right in front of their colleagues, presented their foresight for the future of style.

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, is a privately preserved art school. It can hold over twelve thousand students, with degrees offered in bachelor’s, master’s, and associate close to over twenty subjects, with selected courses which can be taken online.

The Academy of Art University promotes courses in several subjects, and high-tech facilities. Companies will hire students who graduate from the university for Nike, Apple, Zynga, Pixar, and others.

The University can help plan a student’s future very brightly. Students can schedule a Campus Tour to find out any information they need for their education. These tours can help students to learn about campus housing, discover student shows and galleries, and even investigate industry standard services.

The instructors at the university do anything they can to guide students with the highest potential to succeed, while the programs are effective and informative. There online programs are a true game changer, which is highly recommend for anyone who wants to take courses online.

The Academy has evolved very well, and it is the biggest recognized private art & design university in the in the United States. Students who attend this university are motivated, and will experience the success of so many opportunities that are offered for professional and special development which makes a difference in people’s lives on so many levels.

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Article Title: Julie Wainwrigh Views on the RealReal’s NewFunding

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One of the greatest marks of a successful company is — access to funding. Funding enables a company to streamline its operations and more importantly reach new markets. Two years ago, The RealReal received one of their biggest funding in recent times — of more than $50 million. The funding from Great Hill Partners made this company one of the few companies in the e-commerce space to reach over one billion in valuation. Although the ultimate goal is to sell the company’s shares in the stock market, the current financial status is ideal for the entity. Julie Wainwright — who is the executive officer of this company — believes that in the next 12 months, the company will be ready for the next phase.

The current financial situation at this company has enabled the entity to accomplish the following. The RealReal is home to unmatched customer services. Prior to the above funding, the department was not as vibrant as it is today. Julie Wainwright believes that the advancement in this important department continues to make the entity — home to customer services. Second, the funding has also given the company the ability to reach new markets. Although the luxury market is still a small and selective market, it is still a rewarding market. The new funding has given the company enough resources to reach more potential clients. Finally, the funding gave this company a chance to hire some of the best professionals in the e-commerce and more specifically — talented fashion experts.

In addition to better customer services (and the right approach to luxury market), the company is home to professionalism. The RealReal is keen on making sure that every contact between a customer and the company is beyond reproach. In less than ten years, the company has adopted some of the most innovative policies — that aims at ensuring the client’s expectation is realized. In the recent past, the entity has gained a huge following all the major social media platforms. Julie Wainwright points out that embracing social media is not only important for the company’s growth but also a chance to expand interactions platforms with clients. The RealReal is arguably one of the most followed company on Instagram and Twitter.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada: The Man Behind the Marketing Success of L’Oreal

L’Oreal is one of the most popular beauty product brands in the market today. The company is headquartered in Clichy, France, and they have been hiring only the best individuals who could lead the company to success. One of the most interesting individuals working for L’Oreal is Dan Bethelmy-Rada, a Venezuelan-American who is now based in France and was given the role as the company’s Vice President for Global Marketing. Dan Bethelmy-Rada said that working for L’Oreal would require patience and determination, and he would always have a busy day because of the demands of the company. He would find himself meeting with his team, or discussing things that they should do to keep the products selling. Sometimes, he would go out and look at the products on the market, and ask the consumers what they feel about their line of beauty products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada said that his role in the company is important, and one of his goals is to create the beauty products of tomorrow. He is working with the laboratories owned by L’Oreal, and providing his input about how the products should look and what kind of effect it should have. Through his efforts, L’Oreal’s products are being sold in the global market, and through their investment in advertising the product, more people are becoming aware of the brand, and their effective marketing campaign allowed L’Oreal to grow into a multi-billion company. Last 2017, L’Oreal posted revenue of more than 26 billion euros, making them the largest cosmetics company in the world.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada also shared how he is actively participating in the determination of the product’s final look – from selecting the color of the product, the text, and the imagery. He said that a strong advertising campaign is required to continue running the business, and the most challenging part of his job is to convince others to make the switch. Dan Bethelmy-Rada stated that he is proud seeing where L’Oreal is now, and he also shared that it makes him prouder knowing that he was able to bring confidence to a lot of women who are using their products. He ensured their customers that L’Oreal would continue to produce high-quality products for their growing market.